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Access new earnings by offering your services to Hosts in your area
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Are you passionate about hosting and want to leverage your expertise? Help homeowners in your area become Hosts and unlock new revenue streams.
Unlock new earnings
By joining the program, you are allowing potential Hosts to contact you to request your services. You define the terms of your collaboration and determine your own fee.
Ensure Hosts' and guests'
Welcoming guests, cleaning, housekeeping… Whatever the scope of the services you offer, you guarantee the best possible experience for both guests and the Hosts you support by making quality your top priority.
Work while enjoying full independence, and at your own pace
Stay on top of your business. You define the conditions of your relationship with Hosts and determine your own schedule. Whatever your goals, our tools and community of Local Partners are there to help you achieve them.
To join the program, you must be passionate about welcoming guests and be among the top-rated Hosts on Airbnb.
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Support to help you succeed

Exposure to Hosts

You'll be displayed on the Local Partners page from which Hosts located in your area look for help. Find out more here.

Exclusive tools

Access a set of features to manage your business efficiently: receive your share of a booking's payout, co-create listings and message Hosts directly through the platform.

Dedicated support

A series of educational resources and an active community of Local Partners are available to help you get up and running.
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Michael, Local Partner in Paris
"Since I joined the program, I no longer feel alone in my work. I feel like I have the support and encouragement I need to grow my business and get out of my comfort zone."
Do you need help with your listing?

Whether you don't have time, you're far from your listing, or worried about finding the right provider; if you're unable to host in person, you can get hosting help from a Local Partner in your area.
Connect with a Local Partner nearby and start discussing how you'll collaborate.

Frequently asked questions

Luckey, an Airbnb company, enables Hosts to connect with partners who provide hosting services - from creating listings, to checking in guests, to cleaning homes. The service is currently available in France, Canada and Spain.