Is-suġġerimenti se jintwerew wara li tibda tikteb fil-kaxxa tat-tiftix. Uża l-buttuni tal-vleġġa 'l fuq u tal-vleġġa 'l isfel biex tiċċekkja. Uża l-buttuna enter biex tagħżel. Jekk l-għażla tiegħek tkun frażi, dik il-frażi se tiġi mfittxija. Jekk is-suġġeriment ikun link, il-brawżer se jiftaħ dik il-paġna.

Kif tikkanċella booking bħala Host mingħajr konsegwenzi

This page is being updated. We're removing "The listing doesn’t fit the needs of the guests” as a valid reason for a Host to cancel an Instant Book reservation without fees or other consequences. This update will take effect for cancellations occurring on or after October 9, 2023.

If a Host has to cancel for unavoidable reasons, we’ll work with them and help their guests find another place to stay, without the Host incurring cancellation fees. These situations include:

  • Valid reasons beyond the Host’s control, such as emergency repairs (like a gas leak or a burst pipe) or serious personal illness that prevents hosting
  • Proof that a guest intends to break house rules, have an unauthorized party, or otherwise violate our Party and Events Policy
  • An extenuating circumstance, such as declared emergencies and epidemics or government travel restrictions

If a Host uses Instant Book, they may be able to cancel for additional valid reasons without consequences under certain circumstances. Some examples include:

  • The guest makes it clear they’ll likely break one of the Host’s house rules, like bringing a pet or smoking
  • The listing doesn’t fit the needs of the guests—for example, if it’s not suitable for families or pets
  • The guest has several unfavorable reviews or a lack of profile information that concerns the Host

Hosts will be able to cancel Instant Book reservations online three times in one year for these reasons—after that, they’ll have to contact us to cancel without consequences. Otherwise, fees will apply. If a Host cancels a large number of Instant Book reservations, they may be required to turn off Instant Book.

To cancel in one of these situations, a Host may be required to submit proof. For example, they might be asked to provide photos, videos, and other documentation in the case of emergency repairs, or a letter from a doctor in the case of serious personal illness.

If a Host cannot honor a reservation, it’s their responsibility to cancel in a timely manner to allow their guest time to adjust their plans. If the check-in time is within 24 hours, the option to cancel online won't be available—you'll need to contact us.

If a problem stems from an API software provider and the Host needs to cancel a reservation as a result, the Host must provide evidence of the API software provider’s outage or incident for consideration when requesting a fees and consequences waiver.

It’s important to know that Hosts should never cancel for any reason that violates our Nondiscrimination Policy, and any misrepresentations regarding the reasons for canceling can lead to consequences.

If you’re not sure if your situation qualifies here, contact us before you cancel, and read about our cancellation policy fees.

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