Aqbeż għall-kontenut
Mur 'il quddiem biex taċċessa r-riżultati suġġeriti

    Hemm xi suġġerimenti dwar il-politika ta' kanċellazzjoni għal-listings Ġermaniżi?

    If you’re a host in Germany, you should review your local laws and confirm that your cancellation policy is in compliance. Airbnb serves only as a platform connecting hosts and guests and is unable to provide legal advice on local laws. We recommend that hosts and guests consult local expert on such laws for guidance.

    Cancellation policy

    We recommend that hosts in Germany use the flexible cancellation policy, though we understand that there may be circumstances unique to your accommodation or booking for which you want to use the moderate or strict policy. For example, there may be situations where you are unable to rebook an accommodation because of the uniqueness of the property, the nature of the booking or the situations surrounding the length or manner of the booking.


    In all circumstances hosts should make sure that the refunds provided to guests that cancel are appropriate and that the non-reimbursed amount does not exceed the damage that has to be expected based on the usual course of events.

    Guests staying at German accommodations should also be given an opportunity to discuss the amount of the refund if they have a dispute. Specifically they may demand a partial or full refund, as far as they prove that no or a lower damage has occurred than the amounts withheld. Similarly, for cancellation involving moderate or long-term stay policies hosts should consider local law and what refunds are appropriate.

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