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It provides an Incredible feeling of Luxury, Freedom and Space.

Designed to generate positive, energizing, exciting emotions and yet inner-peace, senenity, self confidence.
Sexy-Classy-Exotic-Hip interior design.

With bird-eye views of Earth, Sea and Sky the Penthouse is a unique experience.
Energize and recharge with its Wellness and Spa feeling.

The incredible Feeling of Freedom and Space.

Using the words of our guests..

"We're having a great time in our apartment! It's so lovely here and it really feels like our home. :) Every time we go on vacation we miss our home at a certain point, but not this time, it's just so nice!"

"Thank you for all the information you gave us. We have greatly enjoyed the apartment and the beautiful sorroundings the past few days. For us it is a week not to forget!"

"Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful apartment, it is like our second home now, everything we need, first class."

Its normally an emotional thing..

The Penthouse, - totally sunlit from everywhere, with its many balconies, many rooms, large windows, large areas, connected areas, duplex configuration, airy spaces, luxury feel and interior decoration, every space feeling different from the previous, and then you reach the top balconies and experience 360dg incredible views -, gives you the feeling of being connected to something greater, to the universe above, to the stars, to the Atlantic sea breeze, to nature, to the waves in the ocean..

That is what we mean when we speak of Freedom and Space. You really do feel you've entered a different world, a different dimension, and a sense of freedom and possibility invades you..
Its beautiful.

Located in the highest point in Lagos, with so many balconies and incredible views to feel it, this Luxury Penthouse gives you the feeling of being in the top of the world.

The breeze you feel in the top balcony will cool you down after a day in the beach, will increase your feeling of serenity, tranquility and overall sense of happiness.
You will experience Earth, Sea and Sky views from this exquisite apartment.

At night this feeling can be heightened, and being in the Jacuzzi, totally warm, soothed, a light breze passing over the balcony, and then you look up, and an unbelievable starry Sky will greet you. A unique experience.

The House.
The House will complement the experience due to its high spec, luxury interior decoration, tasteful combination of furnishings, exploration of color and choice of materials, which you can touch and feel, creating lightness and comfort. Exquisite rugs, the exotic scent of luxury candles, beautiful detailing and accessories create a luxury environment that will excite and delight.

The design objective was to simultaneously create a highly positive environment, emotional, desirable, creative, but also soothing, exuding an inner peace and confidence.

The Penthouse is very airy and literally lit with light that goes in from its many windows and open spaces. Its solar exposition is perfect, with facades and balconies facing both East, South and West, achieving 100% solar exposition.

The Penthouse is almost loft-like due to its duplex configuration and large open spaces throughout the house. Basically both the top and lower floors are in open space configuration, while the rooms are the only divisions separate to achieve tranquility and privacy for excellent nights of dream and rest.

The Spaces.
In the Lower floor:

In the lower floor, a large Dinning, Living Room, Tea Room and the Kitchen, modern, fully equipped with all electric appliances, cooking sets, china, cutlery, etc, interplay with each other through the open space.
Through large windows, they all open to the elements through a large balcony that wraps around the house.

On the other side of the entrance Hall, two rooms, one Suite and a double room.
Both are the epitome of peace and tranquility. We value highly our guest's restful nights.

The Suite has a small private balcony, and both rooms in the lower floor have windows and views to the East, enabling that most beautiful of morning things, to let in direct sunlight and experience its soothing warmth, while still in bed, and... the morning's Atlantic fresh air (if you choose so).

Still in the lower floor, the Penthouse has two bathrooms, each with its own luxury detailing and comfort, both spacious and totally different in materials and color.
Both.. very cool.

In the Upper floor:
As you go up the stairs our guests arrive at perhaphs the most carismatic part of the house.

The upper Lounge is filled with character. On one side the Lounge area with its large LCD, chaise long, comfy sofas, and just plane cool, fifties-vibe chillout feeling.

Behind it a large dinner table most used for a glass of wine between friends. Great conversations are held here! :)

On the other side of the Lounge an unconventional chillout area with two carpets on top of each other, beautiful pillows and a small support table, mostly used to lay down a while, dream a bit, breath, do Yoga or some streaching. Its yet another area that shows that we believe in our own ideas, and bring them to life.

At yet another East corner a discreet working/PC table for a more reserved working environment.

The Main balcony, is a dream come true. Its a natural extension of the upper Lounge and
it just creates an amazing sensation of fresh air, beautiful expansive views, being on top of the world. Oh, and I almost forgot! Its where you'll find the beautiful Jacuzzy (always freshly clean, always ready for a new guest) in a raised platform, the external sun loungers and a large woden table and chairs. It's just an amazying balcony to be in. It faces South and the Sun passes over it from 10 am to Sunset.

Just go ahead - stay home if you prefer!! :)

On the opposite direction, discreet and privat, The Imagination Suite, the largest Suite. The Immagination Suite also includes an incredibly beautiful private bathroom surrounded by yellow-red stone walls, including a large beauty area, two large mirrows interwoven within the stone walls, and on one side a large bathtub with hydromassage and on the other a very sensorial shower area behind a sexy see-through glass wall.

The Imagination Suite also includes a large private balcony - perfect when you desire some privacy and just want to read a book that you can't get your mind out of.. or a great place for tea and a soulful conversation.

The Imagination Suite, its beautiful bathroom, and private balcony, overlooking the West of Lagos, all have incredible views to the Sea and to the Mountains and Countryside West and North of Lagos.

This part of the house will allow your overall experience of the Penthouse to reach an even higher note. What seems contradictory, is made possible: to achieve an absolute feeling of wellness and health and an exhilarating experience for the senses!

Every division has AC, which can be used to heat or cool the apartment.

Parking and convenience:
We have 1 indoor parking spot at the disposal of our guests. A direct elevator can take our guests and their belongings securely and discreetly from the indoor parking to the apartment, making convenience a hallmark. A remote control supplied to our guests opens and closes the garage door.
Parking outside the condominium is also possible with many spots available and its both free (there are no parking meters) and secure.

Now a bit of history..
At the end of this section our guests can read about the improvements for 2019.

New for 2016!
“This is our idea of a better life”

The Feeling of wellness and spa has once again been raised to a different level.

The amount of books in the house have been increased. They are about world cities and landscapes, in order to complement the cosmopolitan feel of the Penthouse. We believe that to be the best interior feel for a summer house, because we don’t need to miss on anything!

Exquisite luxury candles have been added to the Penthouse, beautiful to look at, providing an exotic scent throughout the house.

In the bathrooms, to increase the wellness feeling, we have classy new liquid soap dispensers, each bathroom getting a particular color; new hand towels and a new linen-like cloth tray to keep the hand towels.

Stay Home and Outdoor:
We have new outdoor furniture. In the main balcony, in the top floor, near the Jacuzzi, two sun loungers have been added. In this same area we have also a new table with four armrest chairs. We’re striving for the right spot of comfort, aesthetics and intimacy.

Contradiction? Not a chance. An expression of personality.

In Tea Room balcony, in the lower floor, we have now a new wooden table and two benches. Just ideal to have a meal at home but outdoor, without having to go to the top floor.

In the balcony of the Imagination Suite, in the top floor, we have now a new wooden bench. This allows our guests to read a book outdoor in absolute tranquility, or reflect on the world, or have a tranquil conversation, also because this part of the house provides much needed privacy.

Overall, all these aspects together, allow the Penthouse to achieve a higher luxury experience for our guests.

New for 2017!
“Keeping the standard very high”

Prior to the start of the summer we did a total renovation, the Penthouse was totally painted, every wall, and we generally did a high level maintenance of the house to correct a few construction issues and improve a few surfaces, etc.

New for 2018!
"We keep thinking of our guests"

This year we became Baby ready! :)
We have added a very comfy baby Cot with all the required accessories so that small babies and small children can sleep very comfortably, safely and allow their parents (possibly!) a good restfull night as well.

We have also a high chair for the baby to be able to eat (and/or play) either at the dinner table, or at his own table as the chair is configurable (with or withour table).

So, we're solving the problem of parents feeling exhausted and if as a new mom and dad you're feeling that you can travel anymore, or that the baby is too young to travel.. Not anymore! We make it easy. :)

We also have a few toys and an area for your baby to play and express himself, as in the pictures.

NOTE: If our guests do not have a small baby or child we might take the baby furniture and accessories and place them elsewhere in order to give more space to our guests.

"We really care"

Also, we have added a bit more confort to the Chillout area in the top Lounge. We've added a comfy blanked on top of the existing carpet, added a few more pillows and a support table. This way we create a really comfy unconventional chillout area.

Additionally, we've taken care of a few more luxury details. We have also increased the luxury feeling in all bathrooms by replacing the old candles by new beautiful white scented original candles.

And, also new for 2018, are the addition of a few new books about sensual massage and well-being.

New for 2019!
"This year I have a word, Luxury."

At the end of 2018 we exchanged the tapestries of the rooms for more furry ones, taking the opportunity to use colour more extensively.
We've added additional candles in the bathrooms and the house became "lit" with beautiful scents that permeate the entire house in different flavours, due to additional scented elements that also contribute to decorate and create the different environments.
At the beginning of 2019 we also upgraded several lamps to more interesting versions and added several new vases. The result of all of this work is, you look at the Penthouse, from every angle, or environment, or ambient, and it just says 'Luxury'. I personally love that the Penthouse can 'say' that, because it trully deserves to, for its history and for what is stands for.

Also in the 3rd day of 2019 I did a new photographic session and uploaded this pictures to Airbnb, so the pictures reflect accuratly the current interior design and feeling of the house.
Not all pictures are updated, but in those areas the reality is better, more sexy, more exciting then the pictures.

About us and our values:
After years managing the Grand Luxury Penthouse, where we've been blessed to have be been very successful, we constantly use that experience to keep improving year after year our service level, luxury feel, careful preparation of the apartment, kindness and attention to our guests, that defines the experience and feel our wonderful guests can expect.

Our attention to detail to create a unique - individual - sensorial and spa-like experience is core to our values and a source of great pride to us.

Experience something unique, true to its values, true to its standing, different.

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4.92 out of 5 stars from 50 reviews


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Lagos, Faro, il-Portugall

The building where the Penthouse is located is also of a high standard, very classy and beautifully finished.

The area where the Penthouse is located, 'Torraltinha', is Lagos highest point and is a mix between relaxed residential and tourist resorts.

The exact location of the Penthouse is a very tranquil location and noise-free area, having very little car traffic. So, the neighborhood is ideal for its tranquility, stress free and beach vibe.

Its ideal as well for a 15 min walk to the beach, of which there are a few to choose from. Namely to 'Portinho de Mós', the nearest Beach, the walk is a think of joy passing by beautiful villas, gardens, small passages, hidden corners, etc. Its a beautiful walk to do slowly with family and friends (and take a few photos!). Its also a good daily opportunity to do a bit of jogging, breath the fresh air and enjoy the countryside.

Very close to the Penthouse there are a few coffee shops where to chill and read a bit, (or maybe go for a simple breakfast) with family and friends.

Within the neighbourhood (at about 10-15min walking or 5 min by car) there are restaurants and supermarkets.

My favorit beach is Portinho de Mós, a large and beautiful beach with yellow-red limestone walls contrasting greatly with the pristine blue of the sea. Walking its extension is a thing of joy.
Here you have a great spot for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, 'Campimar Restaurant Bar', which is just on the beach and enjoys beautiful views.

Other beautiful beaches in the area are for example' Dona Ana', although its a bit more crowded and smaller, but so charming.

On the other side of Lagos, the largest beach, 'Meia Praia'. Here you don't have the limestone walls flanking the beach, instead the entire area is incredibly flat. Very interesting is the extension of this beach, where you can walk almost to Alvor. Its provides a great feeling of freedom and great views to Lagos and Alvor.

'Ponta da Piedade', (a 5min by car) location, is a mesmerizing location due to its sheer height to the sea, incredible all-round views (where you feel you can see the entire Algarve!) and beautiful rock cliffs.
On the way there there is a Restaurant on the left hand side, 'O Camilo' with stuning views to Lagos, Alvor, Portimão, etc. There's a very interesting small beach here too, 'Praia do Camilo'.
'Ponta da Piedade' can be seen easily from the Penthouse, on the distance.

Overall at least an entire afternoon or a complete day is recommended to explore the region by boat. This is something hard to forget.

Lagos City Center can be reached within a 20 min walk. A very pleasant slow jogging that allows to explore the surrounding areas inside and outside the city wall.
Lagos Marinna is a bit further East, and perhaps more conformable to reach by car. Its restaurants enjoy beautiful views of the Marinna and Lagos. Very pleasant area to enjoy for example at night, for dinner or for a cocktail.

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In general, discretion, privacy, comfort and wellbeing is always what we aim to deliver.

Support is always there when needed.
We can stay in touch with Sms, Email of through Phone, or through the messaging system of Airbnb. We are open to what is more convenient to our guests, in order to maintain everything simple and easy.

An initial bit of support might be needed, for example to help guests arrive to the Penthouse, or to provide instructions on how to use the the Jacuzzi and which procedures are important to maintain the quality of the water, etc.
Simple things that will help the comfort and pleasure of our guests.

We can also help our guests with recommendations on what to see and experience around Lagos and the Algarve.
In general, discretion, privacy, comfort and wellbeing is always what we aim to deliver.

Support is always there when needed.
We can stay in touch with Sms, Email o…
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