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Winter/ski Cottage for rent week-ends and weekly

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Ski and Lake Cottage, 40 minutes north of Ottawa/Gatineau, Available for entire 2019 Winter season, anytime between January 3 and March 31 2019 on a week-end or weekly basis (minimum of three nights). Vintage Chelsea and Wakefield villages 25 min. away. Four ski hills 15-25 minutes drive: Edelweiss, Cascades, Vorlage and Camp Fortune. Cross-Country ski , snowshoeing and skating on lake (weather permitting) and on nearby hills 5 minutes away with trails for cross-country and snowshoeing.

The cottage is a dark green house on the lake, with plenty of privacy because of the presence of very mature trees, a high and large cedar edge on the east side, the lake on the north side, and fields and rolling hills on the west and south sides. The interior of the cottage is "cottagy" in its structure (floors, walls and ceilings are made of different materials such as pine wood on the walls and ceilings of the common rooms, ceramic floors in the master bedroom and the 2 bathrooms, doors in pine wood, wood on walls of the master bedroom and the 2 bathrooms, recycled dock wood on one wall of the living room, and floating floors on all other floors.

The decoration theme of the cottage is "vintage sports" with all sorts of old stuff (old wood skis and poles, old snowshoes, old wood buoys, old canoe paddles, framed posters of vintage sports) and all types of "marine/sailing" accessories. Slow combustion fireplace and its wall made of rocks blend in nicely with the rest. Finally, the multiplicity of large windows provides a permanent view of the lake, the country fields and the rolling hills.

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You have access to all rooms of the cottage.

* Price:

(Please note: cottage is Not Available from December 24, 2019 to January 3, 2020, inclusively.)

Anytime between January 4 and April 14, 2019:

3-day week-end: $600 (approx.)+ $150 Cleaning Lady= $750

7-day Week: $1,200 + $150 for cleaning lady= $1,350

Monthly: $2,800+ $200 cleaning lady = $3,000

Full season (Jan. 4 to April 14) $6,000 + $200 cleaning lady =$6,200

All prices and periods arenegociable.

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List of 10 Do’s and Dont’s for a Great Time at the Cottage

1. This is an all-included cottage (except food and alcohol).

Bed sheets, pillows, pillow cases, duvets, bathrobes, bath/shower towels, dish soap, dishwasher soap, laundry soap and softener, water bottles for water distributor, spices, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper, flour, ketchup, mustard, relish, and mayonnaise.

2. Stainless steel fridge, oven, microwave and dishwasher, washer/dryer, Bedum French Coffee Press, cheese fondue set, Chinese fondue set, chocolate fondue set and raclette set. Pot, pans, utensils, cooking utensils . BBQ and propane gas. Board games and chess set. Fireplace, wood and starter wood. Exterior firepit.


Like most cottages, this cottage is not connected to the municipal sewers. We have a septic tank and a weeping bed. To avoid the overflow of the septic tank, here is an old riddle:

“If it’s yellow, let it mellow… If it’s brown, flush it down!”

It’s just a matter of common sense. Every time someone flushes the toilet, 6 litres of water go into the septic tank. On average, a person goes to the toilet 8 times every day. That’s 48 litres per day… for one person. If you have 10 people at the cottage in any given day, that means 480 litres of water a day! Of course, the last one to go to the washroom at bedtime flushes the toilet.


The fireplace is a slow combustion fireplace. It takes more time to get it started than a regular fireplace, but once it gets going you can heat the entire cottage with it.

Please read the following instructions carefully for the fireplace.

1. Heat up the chimney by lighting up rolled newspaper and inserting it in the front part of the ceiling of the fireplace (there’s a space). You may need to repeat this a few times. You’ll know the chimney is hot when you hear a rumbling sound as the burning paper goes up the chimney. This means the heat has pushed the cold air out of the chimney.

2. Then prepare the fire. When starting the fire, please do not use newspaper. Instead use the "duraflame" log starter (one foot long in white wrapping) . Please use only one duraflame log for each fire.

2. Put several woodsticks on the floor of the fire place in a criss-cross pattern, by pairs of two: two vertical, two horizontal, two vertical.

3. Put the duraflame log on top of the woodsticks, with the 2 red arrows of the log facing you.

4. Add several wood sticks around the duraflame log, leaning against it.

5. Light up the two red arrows of the duraflame log. Then close the doors, but not completely: leave them open by an inch to let some air in that will get the duraflame and the wood sticks to fire up faster.

6. Once the duraflame log and the wood sticks are burning well, start addind wood logs. Start with small logs. Close the doors, but not completely, leave an inch or so. Once the small logs are burning well, you can add bigger logs.

7. Once the wood is burning with big flames, you can close the doors. If the fire intensity diminishes significantly, open the doors and let a small opening to get the logs burning faster.

8.You will be able to close the doors completely once the heat is high enough in the fireplace and the flames move right up the chimney. You can also let the doors open, but please put the metal screen in front of it (the screen is between the tv and the fireplace).

9. You should have enough logs in the space to the right of the fireplace. There are also logs outside right by the patio door, in the black coffer. If you run out of logs or kindle wood, you can buy some at the grocery store near the cottage.

10. If, before making a fire or the morning after making a fire, the window doors of the fireplace are dirty from the fire, take a piece of newspaper and rub it in the cold charcoal of the fireplace. Then wipe the windows. The black dirt in the windows will clean off easily. You can then clean the window with an SOS sponge, a bit of water and a scott towel. Do not use any cleaning products other than water.

11. If you go to bed with the fireplace still burning wood, make sure you close the doors properly.

5. The hot tub (outside, facing the lake)

I)To use it, take the brown cover off the tub by folding it against the rail beside the spa. The spa temperature should normally be between 100 and 104 degrees celsius. 5-6 adults fit comfortably in the tub.

On the long brown coffer outside under the dining room window, there is a blue bucket in which you will find a table spoon and one product: chlorine. The rule of thumb is the following: after using the tub, you need to put one table spoon of chlorine for each bather. To do so, make sure the tub jets are on, and fill up the blue bucket with water from the tub. Then add one table spoon of chlorine per bather in the bucket and stirr the water with the spoon. Then empty the bucket in the tub. You can then close the tub with the brown cover, but you don't need to close the jets.

Iii) If you use the tub very often in a day, you don't need to put chlorine in the spa every time some one gets out. You shouldn't put more than 10 table spoons in any given day.

Iv) please do not put external substances in the spa.

V)There is also a bottle of antifoam and a bottle of scent in the closet between the kitchen and the living room. Sometimes, the spa can have chemical odors: simply shoot one quirt of scent directly in the spa and that will do the trick. If you see thick foam on the water simply drop a tea spoon of antifoam directly in the water; after a minute the foam will have disappeared.

6.Towels and bathrobes

In the bathroom upstairs, behind the door, there are blue and white towels in all sizes and shapes. In the bathroom downstairs, there are black and red towels on the bottom shelf to the left when you enter the laundry room. All of them are to be used after a shower or bath. Once you are done with them, hang them on the hooks behind the door of the bathroom or the hooks behind the door of any bedroom. Please don’t let them hang to dry on any wood object or on the floor.

On the top shelf of the closet between the kitchen and the dining room, there are several beach /spa towels of different colors. Those are to be used for the lake and the tub. You will also find several bathrobes which you can wear before or after swimming or using the tub. When you get out of the lake or tub please dry yourself as much as possible so that you don’t bring too much water in the cottage. And please squeeze as much water as you can out of your bathing suit before hanging it to dry in a bathroom or on a hook behind a door. You can also let them dry on the numerous hooks in the bedroom/mudroom in front of the kitchen. Same goes for the beach towels.

You can also use the dryer when you have too many wet towels from the bathrooms or the spa.


In the Summer / Fall, there are many possible outdoor activities near the cottage.

Walking: there are several roads near and around the cottage: Papineau street, Peabody street and De l’Église street are all nice roads to go for a walk or a jog. On De l’Église, be careful: there isn’t much traffic, but every now and then there are cars.

Gatineau Park: there are many paths in magnificient Gatineau Park to walk and for mountain biking and X-Country ski. The Park is a 25 minutes car drive. Take route 307 South, turn right on 366 West, then Highway 5 South, and take the Gatineau Park Exit to get to vintage Chelsea Village. There is an Information Office. Try the Chelsea Pub for great beer and burgers, the ice cream shop, the mini-putt or use any of the pathways for a nice walk or biking.

Vintage Wakefield Village is a 25 minute drive. The village is right by the Gatineau River; cafes, pubs, restaurants, bakery, ice cream parlor, shops of all kinds await you. Take 307 route south, then right on 366 west, and left on 105 south.

Kayaking: there are 4 kayaks and their respective paddles on the shore, feel free to use them. There are life jackets of all sizes in the top part of the green boathouse.

Swimming: enter the water on the right side to the dock since there is sand on that side. The sand continues in front of the dock. From the dock, there is sand for about twenty feet when you walk away from the middle of the dock towards the lake. The sand path is followed by a 10 feet long tarp. After that it’s high weeds. If you want to swim in the Spring or Fall there are wetsuits, wet gloves and wet caguls (for the head), in addition to snorkeling masks, tubas and palms, all in the top part of the green boathouse.

Fire pit: there is a fire pit on the shore: you can use the wood and small wood under the balcony of the green boathouse. If it’s too humid because of the rain, you can take wood from the cottage fireplace.

In the Winter, there are also many possible outdoor activities near the cottage.

Walking: there are several roads near and around the cottage: Papineau street, Peabody street and De l’Église street are all nice roads to go for a walk or a jog. On De l’Église, be careful: there isn’t much traffic, but every now and then there are cars.

Snowshoeing and X-Country Skiing: there are 3 pairs of adult snowshoes in the top part of the boat house. You can use them or your own X-country skis on the lake (however, DO NOT VENTURE ON THE LAKE UNLESS YOU KNOW THAT THE ICE IS THICK ENOUGH) or on the trails of the Nakkertock X-Country Ski and Snowshoeing Club situated on the 366 provincial road, a few minutes east off the 307 road when travelling south. It’s about 10 minutes from the cottage by car. You don’t need to be a member of the Club, but there is a wood box near the entrance where you can slide money for your use of the trails. There is also a heated cottage with information on the trails.

Toboganning: the best place to slide is the top part of Peabody road, where it merges with De l’Église. There are 2 types of toboggans in the boathouse: a round one, and one in the shape of a small snowmobile.

Tubesliding: the Edelweiss ski station, 15 minutes by car from the cottage on the 366 provincial road, a few minutes west off the 307 when travelling south, offers tube sliding with a ski lift;

Downhill ski: the Edelweiss ski station is the closest to the cottage (15 minutes);

Hockey: in the top part of the boathouse, there are hockey sticks. And in the white and blue bin on the right side, there is a junior goalie equipment and a few orange and tennis balls. If you want to play on the lake, there is a shovel on the deck you can use. However, DO NOT VENTURE ON THE LAKE UNLESS YOU KNOW THAT THE ICE IS THICK ENOUGH. This said, you can also play hockey in the cottage’s driveway.


In the laundry room, on the lower shelves to your left, there is additional toilet paper, paper towels, tissue boxes, and aluminum foil.
For the potable water distributor, there is one new bottle in the closet between the kitchen and the dining room. The water from the faucets can be used for all other purposes.

9. Recycling and garbage

There are two big bins beside the deck of the cottage, a green one and a blue one. Please us the blue one for any recyclable material (glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, metal, etc.).

The garbage can is in the last cupboard of the kitchen, right by the window. Once a bag is full, tie it up and put it in the big green bin outside. If ever you have too much recycling or garbage bags, put them in the green boathouse by the lake in the top part. That way, raccoons and other animals will not tear the bags apart. The garbage/recycling truck comes on Thursday morning. Please check the agenda on the refrigerator door.

10.Groceries, Gas, Propane, Videos, SAQ

We are fortunate to have just about all services 5 minutes from the cottage: on Route 307, at the De l’Église street junction, you will find a gas station (ESSO) for both gas and propane, a grocery store (in which there is video rental and a Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ) counter) and a restaurant.

10.Key to the cottage

The key is under the doormat of the main door. When you leave the cottage please lock the door and leave the key under the doormat

11. Departure time : linen and towels

The morning you leave, please bring all bed sheets, pillow sheets and towels in the laundry room in the basement and leave them on the washer/dryer.

Have a great time!

For any questions, please do not hesitate to phone or text Michel at (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN).

December 2019

Ski and Lake Cottage, 40 minutes north of Ottawa/Gatineau, Available for entire 2019 Winter season, anytime between January 3 and March 31 2019 on a week-end or weekly basis (minimum of three nights). Vintage Chelsea and Wakefield villages 25 min. away. Four ski hills 15-25 minutes drive: Edelweiss, Cascades, Vorlage and Camp Fortune. Cross-Country ski , snowshoeing and skating on lake (weather permitting) and on ne…

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Val-des-Monts, Québec, Canada

The cottage is located on Lac St-Pierre which is shaped like a boat anchor. The vertical part is 5kms long while the horizontal part is also 5 Kms long. The lake is known for its fishing, Summer and Winter, the most common catches being bass, perch, pike and some trout.
Gatineau Park
Jacques Cartier Park
Lac Meech
Canadian Children's Museum | Musée canadien des enfants

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