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All the luxuries of Home at this Spacious Cottage!

Tiny, Ontario, Canada
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Quiet and Private cottage with permanent neighbours. Very cozy and definitely feels like home. We love it and we know you will love it too. A cozy, modern getaway with a beautiful surrounding and all the luxuries of home. New furniture, 3 full new bathrooms, 4 bedrooms (2 upstairs and 2 on the walkout floor), Heating & Air conditioning and outdoor furniture available. Cottage is located across the street from Georgian Bay. ***8 guests is a STRICT RULE.

This space is the best of both worlds! Cozy, lounging, relaxed atmosphere with everything you have at home. We take pride in how welcoming this place is. We want you to be here and feel like you've escaped! We don't believe that you need to give anything up while you are here. We treat it like a home and it's very much a family type of place. Kids of all ages will love it here. If you need something, we probably have it. Kick back and vacation in style. It's what life is all about.

Our pets are family so we can understand that you may want them with you. Having said that our dogs are trained and very good kids ;) Please keep an eye on them and make sure they don't chew anything or have any accidents inside. Also, feel free to cover the sofa with a blanket if Fido is a couch potato! The outside area is not fenced in so please make sure you bring leashes if they are a flight risk. We don't want anyone to get lost. It would be tricky to find them in a wooded area!

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Cottage: Modern Sun Loungers, Pool Floats (for the beach), Outdoor Firepit (some firewood on site but guests should expect to bring some of there own) Large BBQ (natural gas connected to house, so no propane tanks required), Patio Furniture.
TOWN - everything within 20 minutes.
Shopping - Superstore, Canadian Tire, LCBO, Foodland, Marks Work Warehouse, M&M Meat Shop, Rona, Walmart, No Frills, Home Depot, Scotiabank, Shoppers Drug Mart, Sportchek, Dollarama
Food: Pizza Nova, Little Caesars, Tim Horton's, Boston Pizza, Harvey's, Subway, A&W, Dixie Lee's Chicken, McDonalds, Burger King
Movies: Cineplex

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If you are a messy person and do not know how to respect other people’s property please keep going. We’re not interested! We purchased this home as a getaway from the chaos of the city and you can see this when you walk thru the door. We think it's the cosiest place on earth! And it's all of our favourite things: huge & comfortable beds, quartz countertops, modern/rustic furniture, beautiful washrooms and all the things you need from home. You need a potato peeler? We have 2! My wife has a mug fetish and there's enough plates for 12 people. We are foodies and the kitchen is an important place! So any good cook would love it here. It's a peaceful place and we would like to keep it that way!

Bed Sheets & Towels - the beds are not dressed to ensure to our guests that the sheets are clean and have been washed between visits. The towels are folded in the main washroom upstairs. Additional towels can be found in the Master ensuite dresser or the dresser in the Queen Bedroom on the lower level. We ask our guests to please strip the beds of the sheets and leave all used linens in the laundry room downstairs. We can take it from there! For Sanitary reasons please ensure you dress the beds. If additional cleaning services are needed when you leave, incremental charges will apply.

All plates, glasses, cutlery, etc must be washed before leaving - Helpful hint, if you choose to use the dishwasher ensure that plates are slanted so the spinner/spray arm can turn and wash the dishes throughout. Dish soap and dishwasher detergent can be found under the sink. Please use a tablecloth at all times as to not damage the dining table.

Additional cleaning supplies, toilet paper and paper towels can be found in the laundry room.

Garbage & Recycling - pick up occurs every Tuesday morning. Recycling must be left on the curb in blue bins. Bins are on the porch outside of the main door for easy access. Garbage must be secured and left in the red box at the end of the driveway, turn log on the bin to YES so the garbage pick up collects the garbage, otherwise they will not stop!

Please discard of any food before you leave.

Beaches - as stated in our listing, Awenda park is the largest and most convenient beach in the area (4 minute drive). For more information please contact Awenda Provincial Park at (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN). Deeded access is available to the right of the cottage next to #19A Seneca Crescent - follow the fence at Sunset Trail but as stated the beach is rocky and water shoes are needed. Entering any cottages in the area (even outdoors) is considered trespassing and our neighbors will be quick to advise.

Pool floats are available for you to use.

Noise levels - the street is normally relatively calm so please be considerate of others who live here full-time, there are quite a few. You are on vacation but they may not be. ***Should we receive a noise complaint from our neighbours (AND WE WILL) you will be asked to leave immediately.

Fireworks are not permitted.

Bonfires are permitted. If needed, the permit can be located in the cabinets by the front door (above the bench). There is some wood on site in case of emergency. We expect guests to bring their own wood.

BBQ - natural gas. Please clean BBQ before you leave.

Master Bath (tub) - water faucet is reverse. PLEASE NOTE that it opens on hot and goes up to cold (opposite of normal).

Patio pillows can all be found in the basement. It is perfectly fine to keep them outside, however if it rains you may want to bring them indoors. Please return to basement before your departure.

Pets - please cover couches if pets are couch potatoes. And clean up after them both inside and outside. Pooper scooper can be located outside by the backyard.

***8 guests is a STRICT RULE. Should we suspect that you have more than 8 guests, incremental charges will apply.
Quiet and Private cottage with permanent neighbours. Very cozy and definitely feels like home. We love it and we know you will love it too. A cozy, modern getaway with a beautiful surrounding and all the luxuries of home. New furniture, 3 full new bathrooms, 4 bedrooms (2 upstairs and 2 on the walkout floor), Heating & Air conditioning and outdoor furniture available. Cottage is located across the street from Ge…

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4.96 out of 5 stars from 28 reviews
4.96 (28 review)



Tiny, Ontario, Canada

Private and residential crescent that is family friendly and a great escape from the city. Just across the street from the water with deeded access. Most of our neighbours are permanent so please keep noise down. You are on vacation but they are not!

Just 20 minutes from Midland and 10 minutes from Hindson Marina. Close driving distance to Balm Beach, Woodland Beach, Lafontaine Park Beach and Jackson Park. Great places to spend the day! Access to the water across the street (but you do need water shoes due to the rocks) so we suggest you use one of the many beaches within 4 minutes from the cottage, i.e. Awenda Park. Do you love winter too? No problem! Visit Mountainview ski resort by day and cozy up by the wood fireplace at night.

Awenda Park details (4 minute drive from cottage):

Several kilometers of park roads are available for cyclists.

Bikes are also allowed on the Beach, Bluff and Brule Trails. Since these are multi-use trails, racing is not permitted and cyclists must yield to pedestrians and hikers.

Cyclists are encouraged to respect and protect the often sensitive environments that these trails pass through by riding only on the designated trail surface.

Awenda is home to at least 120 breeding bird species. The park’s upland forests provide a critical habitat refuge for the endangered Cerulean Warbler.

The park’s trails, lakes, shorelines, fens, bogs and campgrounds offer a mix of habitat for a variety of viewing opportunities and discovery.

Boating enthusiasts will find plenty of room to investigate Georgian Bay. Because of its size and exposed area, Georgian Bay winds can be unpredictable and quick to rise, so use appropriate caution.

The closest boat launch facilities are in Penetanguishene. Outboard motors are not allowed on Kettle’s Lake.

Awenda’s quiet and scenic Kettle’s Lake is an excellent location for putting in your own canoe or one you rent from the park. This small, motorboat free lake is ideally suited for the novice paddler or nature enthusiast.

Bass, Northern Pike, pickerel and smaller panfish are commonly found in the waters between Awenda and Giant’s Tomb Island. Bass and panfish are also found in Kettle’s Lake.

Awenda offers a nice variety of looped and linear, easy to moderate trails and range from 1 to 13 km in length. One trail provides barrier-free access.

Beach Trail – 4 km return (1.5 hours) linear, easy
This trail takes hikers along the Georgian Bay shoreline. Giant’s Tomb Island is visible from the trail. The contrast between the dry oak-maple forest of the campgrounds and the low, wet birch-cedar-hemlock forest below the bluff can be seen.

Beaver Pond Trail – 1 km (30 minutes) loop, easy, barrier free
Located in a nature reserve zone most of this trail is a boardwalk that takes you through an area altered by past and present beaver activity. Along the way you will see the remains of both a building and a bridge from the early logging days. The area also offers views of the dominant Nipissing bluff as well as excellent opportunities for viewing wildlife, wildflowers and many species of birds.

Bluff Trail – 13 km (3.5 hours) loop, moderate
This circular trail can be accessed from a number of locations within the park. It travels partly along a high bluff and partly through a low wetland. Views of Georgian Bay from sections of this trail are spectacular, especially during the late autumn, early spring leaf- free season.

Nipissing Trail – 1 km return (30 minutes) linear, moderate
The Nipissing Bluff is the dominant glacial feature in Awenda. It is a raised beach created 5,500 years ago by glacial Lake Nipissing. Today a 155 step staircase allows hikers to easily descend 32 metres down the face of the bluff, at times providing you with the sensation of being part of the forest canopy.

Brûlé Trail - 4 km return (1.5 hours) linear, easy
This trail passes through a portion of the park’s upland mixed deciduous forest. Lumbering and fires have obliterated the White Pine stands so that the majority of trees are now Sugar Maple and Red Oak. Lumbering on the peninsula was at its peak in the late 1800s. Since then the forest has been allowed to revert to its natural state but the White Pine has been unable to fully re-establish itself.

Robitaille Homestead Trail – 3 km return (1hour) linear, easy
Hikers follow this trail to an ancient dune system. The age of these sand dunes has been estimated at 11,500 years, from the time of the last glacial retreat. The dunes are a very fragile environment and we ask that you do not climb the hillside, stand on the edge of the bluff or climb down the bluff. This will allow plants to re-establish themselves and will help us preserve this area for future park visitors. On the way to the dunes, this trail passes an abandoned farmstead originally built in 1902. Remains of the stone foundations and fence rows can still be seen.

Wendat Trail – 5 km (2 hours) loop, easy
This trail begins at Kettle’s Lake. This lake is thought to be a kettle lake formed by the gradual melting of a large buried piece of ice left by retreating glaciers. Today, this area is a favoured nesting spot for the Red-winged Blackbird and the Great Blue Heron is often seen in the swamps around the lake. The trail passes the foundations of the Brabant farmstead house and barn. Attempts to farm this area in the 1930s and 40s failed due to the poor, sandy soil.

Natural Heritage Education

Awenda offers a wide variety of programs for enthusiasts of all ages. Regularly scheduled guided hikes, children’s programs, special events and evening programs occur from late June to early fall featuring the unique cultural history and the biology of the park.


Awenda features several beautiful and natural beaches on the Georgian Bay shoreline within driving distance from the campgrounds. The most protected and sandiest beach area is at Methodist Point Bay (Third Beach). Swimmers are reminded that that there are no lifeguards at the beaches.

For a refundable deposit, you can borrow a properly fitted personal floatation device (PFD) during your stay at Awenda.

Awenda has designated a stretch of its scenic Georgian Bay shoreline as a Pet Beach. This is the only public beach in the park where pets are permitted. However they still must be kept on a two metre leash and it is the owner’s responsibility to clean up after them.

Winter Activities

The park is not open for camping, but the trails and forests are available as a backcountry style experience for the more adventuresome ski and snowshoe enthusiast.

Trails begin at the Trail Centre, a cozy wood heated log cabin. Although 17 kilometres of ski trail are often packed and set with a single track, be prepared to occasionally track your own trails due to the backcountry intent of this self-use winter program.

Snowshoeing is popular through the park’s many hectares of open bush; however there are no designated snowshoe trails.

Dogs are not permitted on winter trails and visitors must provide their own equipment as rentals are not available.

For the most current trail conditions at Awenda and other Ontario Parks check the ski trail report.
Private and residential crescent that is family friendly and a great escape from the city. Just across the street from the water with deeded access. Most of our neighbours are permanent so please keep noise d…
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