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Private entrance FULL 2nd STORY of the HOME! Free street parking! DISCOUNT for long-term renters. Inquire for details. The home and all linens have been meticulously cleaned and sanitized. Close to multiple highways. This comfortably cozy quiet get-away is nestled in NW Portage Park. Fenced yard. Backyard patio, BBQ grill & privacy fence. Front porch swing. Furnished with many extras and conveniences. High-speed internet. Close to public transit. Recreational & medical weed users smoke on porch.

L-ispazju take a tour
NO UNDER AGE PARTIES. Must be 25 to rent.
NO Student filming.
Discount for medical
Renovated historic 2-family bungalow. Full use of second story home. Free high-speed WiFi. Roku TV. Bluetooth speaker. Complimentary, pre-packaged breakfast foods provided. You have a private entrance & an emergency second exit. 420 compliant - inquire for details.
Mounted floor safe. 24-hour property security including monitored fire and carbon detectors on every floor.
Bringing your pooch(es)? There is a nightly dog fee of $20. You can pay in cash when you arrive. Also please give me the name, breed, size plus how many furry friends and if you need a crate (no charge). Backyard is gated for dogs but you may not leave them unattended. No worries, I will clean up the yard after you check out.
Please note that the advertised fee is for the first couple. There is an additional guest fee per guest per night. (Full rental costs: please see rates & availability tab above the home photo.)
I live on the first floor of this bungalow with my dog, 2 cats, and a turtle. There is also a permanent tenant in the basement apartment who is super quiet and sometimes helps me with teh vacation guests.
Now, on to the space information:
Living Room:
Ultra-thick queen futon with pillow top addition upon request. Room for two more queen or twin airbeds and/or multiple sleeping-bags for floor sleeping in this room. Huge 55” TV with gaming capability. “Old school” visitors can use a turntable with vinyl albums, board games & real books. Window a/c
Master Bedroom:
Beautiful cherry queen sleigh-bed with a memory-foam mattress and an optional pillow topper, shoe bench, chair, full dresser and luggage stand . Off the bedroom are a small business center/dressing room and a small walk-in closet. This is an ideal space for a port-a-crib (I have) or a pack and play. A queen airbed can fit in the business center room-wall to wall. Window a/c
Second bedroom:
Pillow-topped mattress full bed with a twin gel & foam trundle, with a side table that includes two high-efficiency USB charging ports and two 110-volt power outlets. Also a makeup table with mirror and bench are tucked along the wall. Off this cozy room is a small walk-in closet with a luggage rack and shoe/boot bench.. Aset of built in drawers have spare paper goods. Window a/c
Full kitchen:
Plenty of seating with a multiple leaf table. This room has many charging stations, full-size fridge (with ice cube trays) , microwave, floating counter with swivel stools and a full-size gas stove with oven. Loads of cooking utensils, pots, pans, toaster, waffle maker, electric wok, hand blender, mixing bowls, casserole dishes and more. And if you need something that isn't there, just ask me for it since I probably have it in my kitchen downstairs. Window a/c
Full Bathroom:
Beautiful and brand-spanking new! Fully-tiled bathroom with walk-in shower. Toiletries provided.
Bring the dog! Up to 2 well-behaved dogs allowed. I have a fenced yard but I suggest walking in this beautiful neighborhood and if you need some poop bags, let me know. There is a dog fee of $20 per night. You can toss dog poop bags in the backyard black garbage can. And there's a great dog park a few blocks away.
I urge all dog owners when you first get here to stay for at least 60 minutes before you head out again ….leaving Fido behind. The car ride was tough enough but to abandon them shortly after you arrive in an unknown home (in a crate) seems to make all the dogs very unhappy. With my guest’s permission, I have had to go up and console a number of crying dogs who were confused and sad and just wouldn't settle down. If you think dog sitting is a better option for those who have dogs who suffer anxiety, please hire me to dog sit. I am very very affordable. woof
In the event you do not read the rest of my site here are the house and dog rules and a bit more

OK Here's the dog contract part - pretty normal stuff-but you better read through it since you are liable to what it says.
Guest hereby agrees to comply the following:
1. Guest to pay additional pet fee in the amount of $20/night per dog
2. All pets must comply with the following specifications:
a. Any size is fine but let me know size and breed before arrival (the name is also nice, too!)
b. The dog must be at least 1 year(s) of age or older; in other words, no longer piddling everywhere and chewing on furniture. You can also crate your untrained dog should it not be house broken. I have a large crate for rent at $5.00 a night if you don't want to haul yours here.
c. Your dog must be up-to-date on rabies and all other vaccinations.
3. Your dog must be leashed at all times when outside the home.
4. Guest is responsible for cleaning up all pet waste. Please dispose of in the black garbage can in the backyard.
5. Dirty paw prints do not wash out of bed sheets I have found. I will charge you if you stain the bedding or furniture.
6. You must be certain your dog is flea and tick free. If I discover, following your stay, that we have an infestation in the apartment, you will pay for the exterminator and the time loss on renting the apartment and any flea treatments for my pets, should they be infested.
7. Your dog must not cause damage to premises or furnishings. If damages are caused, the cost of the damage will be deducted from your security deposit.
8. Guest should prevent their pets from producing excessive noise at a level that disturbs neighbors. (No constant yapping dogs, please, no matter the time of day or night or you will be asked to leave without a refund!) If I am stuck with babysitting your dog, unplanned, I will double the dog sitting fee.
9. You agree to that your pet will not be left unattended for an undue length of time, either indoors or out. Pet will not be left unattended on the porch or in the backyard ever.
10. Homeowner assumes no responsibility for illness or injury that may incur to pets or humans while on the premises.
11. If you choose to not to do any cleaning before you leave, there is an additional $50 "do it my way" service fee. Close out instructions are posted in apartment.
You agree to be bound by these rules once you confirm your booking with me. I will send you a copy of this, if you wish and there is a copy in the guest book for your referral

Aċċess għall-klijenti
The front door of the home, at the top of the stairs onto the covered porch, is where to access the apartment on the second floor. Exterior door has a smart lock. Feel free to use the large covered front porch during your stay. Smoking is allowed here and the patio. 420 compliant ask about details. The fenced-in backyard is for the dog(s). I have a patio table and chairs for you to use back there but...the backyard needs work and there is nothing but sand and weeds now. (I just bought the place.) Anyway, the dogs love it. So, you can hang out there but the ambiance sucks. I plan to rewrite this paragraph once I can get the yard work done. Oh, and I have a grill on my deck you can use, too, but... how about if the deck area is mine for hanging out and you can hang on the patio, OK?
Both the basement and the first floor are off limits.
Celebrities: needing a private entrance can, for a fee, utilize my garage and backway entrance. Completely private yard. Mums the word. I can relocate if you need my apartment for your crew.

Affarijiet oħra li għandek tagħti kas
for 4134 N. Mason Ave. Chicago, IL 60634
All guest & any visitors must comply with all the house rules
Must be 25+ years to rent. If you are younger have your parents contact me as I do make exceptions.
Guests are fully responsible for the safety and security of their children and dogs at all times, as well as any disturbance caused to other residents in the neighborhood.
No candles or incense inside. Mosquito repellant candles are fine but you can only use them outside on the patio. No candles on the front porch, please.
Guests and Visitors must keep noise to a minimum so as to not disturb the occupants of neighboring properties – especially during nighttime hours (e.g. 11pm – 8am) and upon arrival and departure.
Take out your trash and recycling rather than letting it pile up. Extra bags are in bottom of wastebaskets. The trash cans are in the backyard. Empty your white bag of recycles and toss the bag into trash.
Any time Guests leave the Vacation Rental, it is their responsibility to ensure all windows and doors are closed/locked to maintain security and prevent rain and water damage.
Guests must switch off lights, air conditioning, fans & the TV when not in use to promote energy savings. It is not permitted to leave the air conditioning on when Guests are absent from the Vacation Rental. I will be happy to turn the a/c on before you come back upon request.
Over night occupancy maximum, including airbed sleepers, is 13 adults and children total. If you are bringing an infant under the age of 2, the baby must be added to the reservation. Porta-crib provided free. Guest must provide their own baby linens. Special exceptions for exceeding the maximum sleep space for Youth Groups with personal sleeping bags.
EMERGENCY EXIT: Only open the kitchen exit door in an emergency. It is set up with an immediate dispatch to the police for your safety. No phone calls will stop them. If this is a false alarm, the Guest will be fined $300… even if it was a mistake. If the police find visitors or guests in my first floor home or basement, all guests will be arrested for breaking and entering and I will press charges
If Guests decide to move the furniture, it must be returned it to its original spot upon check out
Guests are allowed a maximum of 10 Visitors at any time during their stay with the exception of pre-approved special events. Guests are responsible for ensuring that the maximum visitor numbers are not exceeded and that Visitors are complicit with these House Rules. Request free extra folding chairs.
Last-minute overnight guests are permitted and subject to additional guest fees. Just let me know.
Please report any liquid accidents to me. I have a portable carpet/furniture cleaner that may take care of it, if we get to it soon. The longer the stain remains the more expensive it will be to remove it. Guest is ultimately responsible if something needs to be replaced or professionally cleaned.
All my property has been inventoried by photos. Any missing or broken household items, furnishings or linens will be directly associated with your stay. The Guest is accountable for replacements. Afraid something might break, I can remove any property from the apartment during your stay upon request
When you arrive, please inspect the home for cleanliness. If ANYTHING is not acceptable, do not hesitate to call or text me. I will attend to it ASAP. My goal is to make you a happy tenant, so please speak up. I’d rather not read about it later.
NO fireworks on the property. Sorry I love dogs too much and this neighborhood has enough during the 4th celebrations so enjoy the neighbor’s displays which are many and seem to last forever.
No pots or pans on the gas grill. Ask if you need grilling stuff.
Early check-ins are not allowed; however, if the place is ready I can usually arrange for it to happen.
Guests are limited to one bath set of towels every two-weeks. Men: one bath, one hand and one face cloth; Women: two bath, one hand towel and one face cloth. Please indicate when reserving how many adults and kids and the sets you need. Additional towels available upon request.


DOG PEOPLE: There is a $20 fee for each dog (limit two). Check your reservation to see if the fee has been added to your total. You are responsible to pay this fee before your first night. If your dog (or guest) makes a carpet accident, you are responsible for the carpet cleaning bill. The enclosed backyard is available for your dog.
There is plenty of free street parking but please be aware that the city puts up no parking for street cleaning signs so be vigilant or pay the city consequence. Also please park close to the car in front or behind so there is room for all. I advise you to lock your car doors and do not leave valuables in your car.
Drunken and disorderly behavior will not be tolerated and will be subject to immediate eviction with no refunds.
Please do not leave cans and cups on the front porch. The trash cans are available in the backyard.
Customizable special events encouraged but must be pre-arranged. As ab event entertainment agent , I have connections for all your party needs!
Childcare services are available. I am a former preschool teacher, a mom, a former arts and crafts instructor and professional storyteller. Let’s work together to create the ideal scenario for your family’s comfort and enjoyment.
Late check-in is fine; however, as a mom, I am now a full-blown worry wart. So, text me if your plane is delayed or the drive took longer than you expected. No problem. Just let me know you're Ok and running late.
Personal tours and rides can be scheduled. I am a Lyft driver.


Collect all trash and put it in the appropriate trash cans in the backyard. Empty the recycles only in the blue bin. NOTE: Only the cans and bottles no plastic bags in the blue bin even if its got recycles inside. Toss the empty plastic bag in the trash can.
Wash and dry all dishes, cups, etc. and put them away. Wipe down the stove top & counters. Make sure the dining table And counters have been wiped down, too.
Leave all used towels in the bathroom & Hang the wet ones.
Leave all USED bed linens on the bed. Do NOT put unused bedding or pillows on the bed...keep them separated.
Deflate airbeds & put them back into the storage bags. Put the used linen in a pile next to the deflated bed.
put any moved furniture back.
Clean the dog dishes.
You are welcome to leave condiments, coffee filters, paper goods, beer, wine and food. We will clean out the frig and freezer….and toast to your safe travels. lol
Before you leave: Turn off all the lights, fans, air conditioners, the TV and sound bar AND don’t forget the microwave stove light.
Close all the windows and the draw the blinds closed.
Return the key to the doorknob.
Please depart promptly by 11am so we can prepare the house for our next guests. If you want a late check out let me know. If I can oblige. There is no fee/charge for a late check out.
If you have not paid your dog fee yet, please leave it on the table.
If you leave the house unlike you found it and your mess causes my housekeeper to clean longer than usual, you will be billed $50 for the excess cleaning time.
Basically, leave it the way you found it. And Thank you so much, as I truly appreciate your efforts.
And if you really don’t want to do anything but pack and go, then leave the additional $50 fee on the table and I will see that it is all taken care of and you will get rated great for the cleaning.

Breach of any of these House Rules is a breach of the Terms and Conditions of occupancy as per the Rental Agreement. The Owner and Manager reserve the right to terminate permission to occupy and to evict from the Vacation Rental, any Guests or Visitors who refuse to follow these House Rules or who cause a nuisance to neighbors or other residents of the community.
By making this reservation through AirBnB, I agree to adhere to all the rules indicated on this 3-page document. When reserving through AirBnB or Home Away and it’s affiliates, I agree to all these rules without a signature as your agreement with AirBnB or Home Away and it’s affiliates proves this contract binding.

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Private entrance FULL 2nd STORY of the HOME! Free street parking! DISCOUNT for long-term renters. Inquire for details. The home and all linens have been meticulously cleaned and sanitized. Close to multiple highways. This comfortably cozy quiet get-away is nestled in NW Portage Park. Fenced yard. Backyard patio, BBQ grill & privacy fence. Front porch swing. Furnished with many extras and conveniences. High-speed inte… aqra iktar

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4.96 out of 5 stars from 45 reviews



Chicago, Illinois, l-Istati Uniti

The neighborhood? Beaver-Cleaverland in the new millennium, city-style. OK, in plain(er) English, I live in a quiet neighborhood in the middle of the block surrounded by a diversity of neighbors and beautiful 100+-year-old Chicago bungalows. Take a walk as they are so fun to look at their uniqueness and similarities. It seems my neighbors are all hard-working families. I have enjoyed meeting many of them in my short time here. It pays to have a porch! I have put together a guide for your stay that lists everything nearby: drug stores, specialty shops, churches, hospitals, playgrounds, costume stores and more and all within a 2-mile radius.
Chicago’s history is so fascinating and Portage Park plays a part in its early history. Wanna know more? That’s why porch swings were invented…for good storytelling. Just ask. I know loads about Chicago’s fascinating history.
This place BTW is conveniently located in-between all the major highways so my place is a snap to find. Uber easy, too.
I am down the road from Wrigley Field. OK, far enough away that you're not bothered by all the craziness but close enough and super easy to get to Cubs Park with one short bus ride and only 2 blocks from my home! Ask me about our Blues Brothers who opened for the Cubs World Series game in Chicago. And yes, they are available for events, meet and greet and surprise appearances.
Just for fun, I have put together a free scavenger hunt based on the photos in my BnB. Ask me about finding all these cool places...I will only give you hints.
The neighborhood? Beaver-Cleaverland in the new millennium, city-style. OK, in plain(er) English, I live in a quiet neighborhood in the middle of the block surrounded by a diversity of neighbors and beautiful 1…

Milqugħ minn Jamie

Ingħaqad fi Marzu 2017
  • 45 Review
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  • Superhost
I love Chicago and although I was born in Cleveland, I have lived and worked the majority of my adult life in the Windy City. I’m in show business. I call myself an actor (OK actress, if you want to be technical) but the truth is I dabble in all areas of the arts. OK...not dabble. I make a living creating shows and special events for corporate America, voicing characters for commercials on radio, TV, video games, cartoons, the web, your answering machine… I also perform comedy and theater and my favorite style is acting in film. Also, I make art…. Maybe refinish furniture or create jewelry, whatever. I sing a lot. See what I mean? I am, proudly and deeply, in love with the arts….all facets. I love animals, too. I have a dog, named Lexi, who is my shadow, two cats - both lap type kitties, siblings Felix and Sugar and a Russian box turtle, named Trixie. Apparently, she’s a stripper. I personally have never seen her show but the cats say she’s fabulous! I am also a single mother of two adult kids. My daughter is a groomer and my son is a financial consultant. I am a people person. I adore conversation and listening to stories and I look forward to meeting you.
I love Chicago and although I was born in Cleveland, I have lived and worked the majority of my adult life in the Windy City. I’m in show business. I call myself an actor (OK actre…
Matul iż-żjara tiegħek
I live on the first floor, as I mentioned. I tend to keep late hours so I am available whenever you need me, as long as it is not too early in the morning - except for emergencies, of course. Schedule permitting, I will do my best to greet you upon arrival and show you around. Should you need to access solo, I will happily show you around after you’ve already discovered everything on your own just to drive you crazy. Only kidding.

Wanna be left alone? Fine by me. I have plenty to do.

Want company? Just ask, as I adore making new friends and hanging out.

My goal is to ensure that your stay is EXACTLY what you hoped and anticipated with a bunch of “OMG, I didn’t expect that!” moments thrown in.

With over 30+ years in the Chicago hospitality industry, I commit to you, as I have to all my clients, top-notch service, affordable pricing and, upon request, experiences of a lifetime.
I live on the first floor, as I mentioned. I tend to keep late hours so I am available whenever you need me, as long as it is not too early in the morning - except for emergencies,…
Jamie huwa/hija Superhost
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