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sunny farm in secluded location with 6 llamas

SuperhostBiederbach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Kamra privata ġewwa appartament ospitat minn Susanne
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Susanne huwa Superhost
Is-superhosts huma hosts ta' esperjenza u bi klassifikazzjoni għolja li huma impenjati li jipprovdu l-aqwa żjarat għall-klijenti tagħhom.
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Enjoy the sunny house in a quiet and secluded location with good view over the Black Forest mountains and visit our 6 llamas, 4 Maine Coon cats and 2 rabbits.
Your are our exclusive and only guest(s) at this time and may enjoy your privacy and the peaceful surrounding -in the house and garden .
Enrich your daily program with my additional offers: Coaching in attentive guidance of a llama, walking with llamas, well-being massage, body exercises, mindful walking in nature etc.

Tourist overnight stays are allowed again on from May 18 / 2020 in private rooms in the Black Forest area!
There are 2 guest rooms , one living room/ lounge and 1 bathroom available .
The double room -valley view - is always rented at first for 1 and 2 guests
and the room - Relax- will be rented additionally only for the third and fourth guest fo the same travel group.

If two guests need more space want to occupy both rooms (for example as two single rooms), this is also possible with an additional charge of 10 € per night.

The guest rooms are NOT separated with a extra door from the hallway.
On the upstairs floor, apart from the 2 guest rooms and the lounge , are located only temporary additional psychological services and the attic, so basically you have the whole upper floor private for yourself .

Double room -valley view- with bath and cooking opportunity ( on the north side with front window) has approximately 15qm with bed B 160cm with latex mattress.

In the room -valley view- are available a kettle, coffee machine , 2 ceran electric hotplates, refrigerator, 2 kitchen sideboards, plates and cups, glasses, pots, cutlery, tea bags and coffee- pads.
So there is a cooking facilitie, but there is no sink available.
I am providing several washing bowls and a drip tray to make dish washing easily possible in the bathroom. As I am not the owner of the house I may not install a sink in these rooms.

In the room are table-games, books, (no TV), Wi-Fi on request, seating is possible on the 2 terraces in the garden and in the cozy hammock.

Single or double room - Relax - (north side with front window) about 15qm with bed B 140cm with latex mattress.

The stairs to the rooftop may not be entered , they are privat by the hostess .

1 daylight bathroom with sitting-bathtub with massage jets and WC.

Living room and lounge with large table and 6 comfortable chairs
with exhibition shelf for broshures for excursion and presentation of gifts
(East side with roof window) about 15 square meters
The living room can be used for guests who are staying a minimum of 2 nights or more.

From the second day of your stay there is a extra fee of 2 € tourist tax per night and per person. Please pay this amount in cash to the host.

The hostess speaks fluently English and good French (besides German)

We ask you for quiet and mindful living together in this special and beautiful place and are looking forward to meet you .

Aċċess għall-klijenti
Through the common entrance you go up the stairs to the upper floor of the house, the upper floor is used only for the guests and our wellness additional offers.
The path from the garden gate to the house is a small gravel path, partly grown with grass, and the entire garden has a slight slope, so you should be easy with uneven walking and wear comfortable sportive shoes.

Affarijiet oħra li għandek tagħti kas
Infos to the aktivities with my Llamas and my Wellness Programm as well als Infos for children .

In this wonderful place of silence meditation is playfully possible, use the natural garden to relax deeply and to feel well all around.

One visit on the llama pasture for about 20 minutes ist a free service for house guests

Take advantage of my psychological advice and biodynamic body experience, enjoy a feel-good massage, singing bowl massage, singing of mantras and songs, expressive dance of the 5 elements, outdoor morning exercises, forest bathing, mindful walking in nature, etc.

The payment of all additional offers is only possible in cash.

I am happy to share with you my knowledge of loving and caring for animals and in organic nature based gardening.

If you are interested, I explain my beneficial own experiences with my organic vegan diet with mainly raw food, with the important components of green leafs and green vegetables, fruits, wild herbs and sprouts ..
You can get to know the edible wild herbs in the garden and get ideas for active planting of healing herbs and sproutings.

Here are the additional invitations from Susanne around my 6 llamas

Coaching for attentive guiding of a llama in balance
Walking in nature with llamas

Experience joy and friendship with lamas –
Find peace, self-confidence and your own strength!.

Cost of the individual offers:

Pasture visit with llama watching, explanations and clicker training demonstration - for 1-10 persons:

Duration 60 min: 15 € for adjults, 10 € for children
Duration 30 min: 10 € for adjults, 6 € for children

(for adults and also suitable for children, provided that they can stand still and watch quietly without touching the llamas)

Coaching to guide a llama in the parcours of obstacles for 1-6 adults and teenagers:

Duration 60 min - 90 min: 20€ for adjults, 15€ for children

(for adults and also suitable for children and teenagers over 10 years, provided they can participate quietly and awake)

Walking in nature with llamas in silence for 2-6 adults,
is possible only AFTER coaching (directly after the coaching or at our next meeting)
this is only possible if the leader suits well and leads the lamas safely and with awareness. Including time for introduction, feed back and walking

Duration 60 min: 20€ per person
can be enlarged with each other 60 min: 15 € per person
(only suitable for adults)

All Inclusive Offer for 2,5-3 hours : 35€ per Person / for 2-6 Persons

30-45 min Pasture visit with llama watching and intruction explanations +

60 min Coaching to guide a llama in the parcours of obstacles +

30 min- 45 min Walking outside in nature with llamas, this is only possible if the leader suits well and leads the lamas safely and with awareness

30 min tee break with a snack from the house- sitting inside the garden. You can bring your own picknick meal if you want.


The llama guiding takes place only if the weather is dry and moderate (from about 3-25 degrees celsius), best without rain, without snow cover, without stormy wind, without heat, without frost

Lama coaching and pasture visit are available at the following times:
Mon to Sun: from 12 o'clock to 18 o'clock
Hiking with llamas Mo to Sa: from 13 o'clock to 17 o'clock
We make up the time for the meeting by mail or phone:

Dogs are not allowed to enter the garden and llama area. Llamas are flight animals and are afraid of dogs, also no dogs allowed on the walks- thank you for your understanding.

Please pay for all offers in cash during your visit.

Description of the contents of llama coaching

The themes of the coaching are to be conscious of yourself and your body position and to stand in balance and to be aware of the lama's behavior, so you can influence the llamas balance more consciously and positively with gentle and clear impulses on the leadrope .

In the first meeting with the 6 Llama geldings I will explain the basics:
Llamas are distance animals and hate to be touched, so please respect this by staying quiet in one arm length distance from llamas and please do not pet them.
Llamas are flight animals, and afraid of predators, we respect that by always keeping them an escape route free..
Llamas are very curious and awake animals, after a short time they get interested in humans and will come and approach us by themselves..

Pasture visit with llama observation:
You come closely to the llamas and we observe their behavior and needs and learn to understand the communication and signals of the llamas inside the herd..
Your questions will be answered.
Experience the curiosity, alertness and serenity of the llamas when they are staying around us.

Demonstration of the Clicker Training with Lama: If interested, some llamas will demonstrate their cute skills and games learned with clicker Training.

In the coaching to guide a llama we first practice leading and being lead amongst us people in partner exercises.
When the basically necessary techniques are understood and do work out, you are going to lead a llama inside the parcours of obstacles. .

You will get to know various guiding techniques to lead a llama clearly and safely in different situations by using sensitive impulses on the leadrope and your body position.
Your questions will be discussed in detail.
The well-being of the lamas and the humans has priority. If a Lama or his leader is flooded by the handling and guiding, the learning steps are chosen smaller or it is paused or stopped to take a deep breath.

The guiding training of llamas takes place on our fenced ground. You will guide a llama through simple obstacles that help the llama to stay in balance and concentration and to risk some challenges.

The walking and hiking in nature with llamas is possible for interested adults AFTER the coaching (immediately after the coaching or at the next appointment) .
Requirement is that the person suits and has learned to practise the basics of leading.

While walking, we are silent and are paying attention to ourselves, to the llama and to nature - important questions that arise, will be discussed of course.

This llama coaching is also suitable for new or simply interested Llama and Alpaka Owners, and can be adjusted according to your wishes and interests.
We can also practice haltering in mindfulness and balance, preparing for a relaxed vet visit, how to start with clicker training, or start with leading in the parcours .
Shadule and costs are calculated by individual agreement.

We are working with the techniques of TTEAM Camelidynamics along Marty McGee Bennet, as far as I got to know them myself as a participant in my various courses .
Camelidynamics was developed by Marty McGee Bennet and was developed from TTEAM Tellingon TTouch by Linda Tellington Jones.
Information at: and and and

Recharge your batteries with new energy and self-confidence, and experience how trust and friendship grow between humans and animals!

Susanne Herold
Holding of 6 llama geldings since 2014
Participation in different courses with lamas:
2 times participation in the 3-day Camelidynamics course with Marty Mc Gee Bennet
3 times active participation in a 3-day course with Linda Tellington Jones with horses
Acquisition of the 2-day expertise of competence to work with llamas professionally at the Sonnenhof with university veterinary Dr. Hendrik Wagner
Participation in the training with veterinarians at the congress of the NWK – Association for lama holders in Berchtesgaden
Participation in the llama shearing course at Sonnenhof by Hubert Wendt.
Thanks to Nina Faust (from Alaska) Inspirations: Learning loving llama handling and training and playing games using ethical clicker training according to Camelidynamics
I am Member of the NWK Association for lama holders

If you would like to ask about coming with children under the age of 12, please read first the following information

In general, I don't take children under the age of 12 because the whole place is not safe for children, and it is important for me that teh guests move calm and careful in the house and in the garden and leave enough space for the 12 animals living here and do not chase them for pedding ..

Some small children can fullfill the house rules mentioned here in AIRBNB, other children cant, so you know your child best to decide

It is certainly a beautiful place here for children who are interested in experiencing respectful and loving treatment of nature and animals,
but there are a few additional rules to be followed.

It is important to me that the needs of my animals and their private shelter are perceived and respected, and that your child maintains a respectful distance from my 4 cats. The cats only live on the ground floor and in the garden and NOT in the guest area

During the farm and pasture visiting tour there is time for explanations and careful contact with the llamas, cats and rabbits (30 min is including your booking)

In the garden, it would be necessary for your child to move only under your supervision and to stay on the paths, my natural garden is not a playground for children.

There is a lot of free space in the surrounding forests and meadows for running and playing outside the fenced area.

here are special safety risks for small children:

Outside the terrace is a small unsecured pond with flower beds. Please make sure that your child stays away from the water and the beds.

In the second guest room Relax there is a steep, unsecured staircase up to the rooftop (which is not included in the rental), children must not enter this staircase.

In the living room is an exhibition shelf, which is richly filled with brochures for tourist offers of the region and with small gifts from my online shop, these open displays should not be touched by your children and not get messed them up.

The farmhouse with old wooden beams transmits the impact sound strongly, so if children is running around a lot on the upper floor, I have to flee from the apartment on the ground floor, so I ask for quiet behavior as far as possible.

The entire garden fence is secured with 3000 volt electric wires (because of the cats), make sure that your child keeps away from it.

How do you rate your child with the above mentioned points?
Would you be prepared to teach you children to practice these rules?
I look forward to your feedback
Enjoy the sunny house in a quiet and secluded location with good view over the Black Forest mountains and visit our 6 llamas, 4 Maine Coon cats and 2 rabbits.
Your are our exclusive and only guest(s) at this time and may enjoy your privacy and the peaceful surrounding -in the house and garden .
Enrich your daily program with my additional offers: Coaching in attentive guidance of a llama, walking wi…

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4.83 out of 5 stars from 54 reviews
4.83 (54 review)



Biederbach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Around the house it a wide and open Black Forest landscape with hills and large forest areas with many wildlife in it, we are having friendly neighbors in widely scattered farms.
Closeby for cultural life and city shopping is Elzach, Waldkirch, the Kinzigtal and Freiburg.

The historic hiking path leads along the Lama pasture and many other interessing hiking trails are in the close surounding of the house.

A large beautiful barbecue area with a shelter with benches and a swing is only a few minutes walk away and can be reserved by the municipality Biederbach during their business hours in advance and ca get rented for a fee.

Huge panoramic view over the mountains you will find at Höhenhäuser (about 5 minutes by car or bus) where the panorama long-distance hiking trail- Kandelhöhenweg- goes along and also the- Achatweg- through a unique nature reserve.

Particularly beautiful surrounding regions are for example:

the Welschensteinachtal with many historic Black Forest farmers houses

the Vogtsbauernhöfe - an open-air museum for historic Black Forest farms

The alternative bear park near Oberwolfach.

The Moosenmättle in the area of ​​Hausach, an insider tip for quiet hiking with great views

close to Elzach in Yach starts the ascent over the legendary powerplace- Siebenfelsen- to the beautiful mountain Rohrardsberg.

You can live here quietly and relaxed in the countryside and enjoy many attractions nearby.

For hang gliders and paragliders, the launch site with ramp on Kandel mountain 1260 m is only 30 minutes away by car. A private landing place for hang gliders with windsock is only a 6-minute drive away from our guest room - in Höhehäuser Gasthof Kreuz. The host of Gasthaus Kreuz himself is a hang-glider pilot and he gives a free beer for every hang-glider who landed there.

The Europapark Rust is only 45 minutes away by car.

The following ski lifts are in the area:
at the Rohrardsberg (mountain approx. 1200 m near Elzach)
On Kandel (mountain about 1200 m at Waldkirch)
Dobel ski lift at Schönwald
Franz-Schubert-Straße 3, 78141 Schönwald in the Black Forest
Large ski area at the Feldberg (about 1500m) in the Black Forest

Cross-country ski trails in the Black Forest are here at a glance /

And of course super special: the meeting with the 6 llamas here directly at the house
Around the house it a wide and open Black Forest landscape with hills and large forest areas with many wildlife in it, we are having friendly neighbors in widely scattered farms.
Closeby for cultural l…

Milqugħ minn Susanne

Ingħaqad fi Marzu 2019
  • 54 Review
  • Superhost
Hallo ich bin Susanne, geboren bin ich 1963 in Nürnberg, aufgewachsen in Oberasbach, Diplom Psychologie Studium in Erlangen und Freiburg. 1993 Abschluss als Diplom-Psychologin. 3-jährige körperorientierte Zusatzausbildung in Biodynamischer Psychologie und Therapie. Heilpraktikerin im Bereich Psychotherapie. Langjährige Selbst- Erfahrung in verschiedenen Methoden der körperorientierten Therapien und in Meditation. Lebe inmitten der Natur in einem Bauernhaus mit Weideland und weitem Blick über die Berge . An liebsten verbringe ich meine freie Zeit draußen in der freien Natur beim Spazierengehen und Wandern, mit meinen Tieren und mit der Pflege meines Gartens mit vielen essbaren Wildkräutern. Mit mir leben 2 Kaninchen, 4 Maine Coon Kater und 6 Lamas. Sehr wertvoll ist es für mich Freundschaft mit diesen Wesen anderer Gattungen zu schliessen und Vertrauen miteinander aufzubauen. Seit Juni 2014 halte ich die 6 Lama Wallachen, ich arbeite mit den Lamas nach der sanften und achtsamen Methode TTEAM Camelidynamics , und habe dafür mehrere Kurse bei Begründerin Marty Mc Gee Bennet und Linda Tellington Jones gemacht. Die Zusammenarbeit und das Dasein mit den Lamas ist meine große Freude und Berufung und ich gebe meine Erfahrungen und mein Wissen gerne an meine Gäste weiter. Besonders mit den Lamas verbringe ich viel Zeit, ich bin einfach bei ihnen auf der Weide und relaxe, oder bringe ihnen mit Klicker Training kleine Kunststückchen bei oder gehe mit ihnen in Stille spazieren. Mit den Lamas zusammen entwickle ich mich selbst weiter, denn ich arbeite mit ihnen mit sanftem und klaren Handling und mit feinen Führ- Impulsen und Achtsamkeit für die Balance von Mensch und Tier . Da ich schon immer selbständig tätig bin habe ich meinen Lebensrhythmus dem Leben in der Natur angepasst. Meine Vormittage beginnen ruhig mit Obstfrühstück, meinen täglichen Körper- und Achtsamkeitsübungen, Tiere versorgen und Arbeiten für meinen Online Shop, nachmittags bin ich beim gutem Wetter gerne draussen und arbeite dafür lieber abends am PC weiter.. Da ich sehr sensibel bin tut mir eine Reduzierung der Flut von Eindrücken gut und ich lebe schon immer ohne Zeitung, ohne Fernseher, ohne Handy und ohne Rauchen, ohne Alkohol. Ernähre mich bewusst, um meinen Körper gesund zu erhalten und viel Energie zum freudigen Leben zu haben: Biologisch und vegan mit ca 70 - 80 % Rohkostanteil und liebe es meinen Bio- Garten pflegen und Malven usw. anbauen . Früher habe ich viele monatelange Fernreisen in verschiedene Kontinente gemacht und heutzutage bin ich sehr an diesem wundervollen Ort zuhause und mir reichen Tagesausflüge oder mal ein verlängertes Wochenende in die Berge, zum Bodensee oder auf ein Seminar als Abwechslung aus. Freue mich also auf Begegnungen mit Gästen hier im Haus .
Hallo ich bin Susanne, geboren bin ich 1963 in Nürnberg, aufgewachsen in Oberasbach, Diplom Psychologie Studium in Erlangen und Freiburg. 1993 Abschluss als Diplom-Psychologin. 3-j…
Matul iż-żjara tiegħek
I'm Susanne born 1963 in Nuremberg, I like to spend my free time outdoors in nature with hiking, and with my beloved animals and with the care of my garden with many edible wild herbs. I have built up and maintained this special place with much joy and commitment and so I am glad now to share the ambience with you.

Since June 2014 I am hosting 6 llama geldings, I am handling and working with the llamas in the gentle and attentive method of TTEAM Camelidynamics, and I have taken several courses in TTEAM Camelidynamics with founders Marty Mc Gee Bennet and Linda Tellington Jones.
Finding friendship and trust with beings of another species is a very touching experience and having the llamas around the house is very enriching and calming . So I am glad that I can pass on my experiences and my knowledge with llamas to my guests.
One pasture visit with meeting of the llamas ist free of charge for houseguests.

Professionally, I run a small online Shop business for gifts and handicrafts from all over the world.

My first occupation is as graduated psychologist, with a 3-year body-oriented additional training in biodynamic psychology and therapy.
Non-medical practitioner in the field of psychotherapy.

For 20 years each year I did in long distance travels to different continents, so foreign guests are very welcome here.

I speak (beside german) fluent english and medium good french.
I'm Susanne born 1963 in Nuremberg, I like to spend my free time outdoors in nature with hiking, and with my beloved animals and with the care of my garden with many edible wild…
Susanne huwa/hija Superhost
Is-superhosts huma hosts ta' esperjenza, b'ratings għoljin u huma impenjati li jipprovdu l-aqwa żjarat għall-klijenti.
  • Lingwi: English, Français
  • Rata ta' rispons: 100%
  • Ħin ta' rispons: fi żmien siegħa
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