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Mithila Bhavan Heritage Home Stay 2

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Mithila Bhavan is a heritage home stay. Founded in 1956 in a 18th century palace that was home to the Raja of Dhanepur , one of the most important rulers of the Empire of Avadh.
Mithila Bhavan founded by Ram Bahadur Thakur a renunciate from the Mithila region of Bihar and Nepal.
The primary philosophy of the temple is to approach the sequences and worship of the sect from the perspective of Sita.

The primary philosophy of the temple is to approach the sequences and worship of the sect from the perspective of Sita , the daughter of Mithila , who is considered an incarnation of Mithila's presiding deity Mahamaya Ma Syama. The palace is divided into two sections , the courtyard section constructed of thin bricks and lemon mortar from the 18th century and the brick work section constructed in neo-palladian style from the 19th century. The palace incorporates distinct features from Oudh's Perso-Mughal architecture with the splendid Baradari or 12 doored hall as the reception of the temple, to a French chateau facade along with Rajput courtyards all built with indigenous techniques and artisans. The courtyards are in the process of being restored traditionally and presently the guests are houses in the 19th century private quarters of the family of Aruna Sharma.
Aruna Sharma presently presides over the temple management and has steered its restoration with her late husband Chaturbhuj Sharma. Ram Bahadur Thakur had envisioned the temple as a sanctuary of Tirhut , the centre of Maithili culture and language in Nepal. Religious and Cultural function and ceremonies are held regularly at the temple of Sri Yugal Khishori ji Sarkar , the deity of the temple. Along with the Saligramas from Nepal , the temple holds the volcanic stone of Ma Jwalamukhi from Gobustan and Yanardagh on the silk route in Azerbaijan.They also have supported initiatives of contemporary art and culture within the palace and has previously held residencies of sculptors and other international artists in the space.
Daily prayer and pooja is held in the temple within the palace twice a day.
In house priest facility available to perform yajnas such as Navgrah Pooja,Ramraksha Pooja,Devi and Shiv Pooja at the cost negotiated by the guest with the priest directly.

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Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, l-Indja

All of Ayodhya's cultural and religious sites are within a 400 metre radius of the palace complex including the ghats of the Saryu river. The management also arranges for heritage walk-throughs in Ayodhya and Faizabad along with visits to temples and villages in Gonda, Bahraich , Barabanki, Akbarpur , Balframpur and Tulspur near Nepal at nominal costs.
Non-vegetarian fare can be eaten outside specifically the historic Awadh Dum Pukht cuisine during the visit to Faizabad organised and guided by once of the descendants of the Dowager Empress of Awadh Bahu Begum .
We attempt to provide a space of peace and homely comfort for the activities of leisure, spirituality and history. We also are open to people for long-stays on research and search of both history and spirituality. The staff are family members extending the hospitality one would genuinely receive in Awadh known for its Ganga-Jamuni culture of politeness and humility.
The palace serves on order Satvik food which is vegetarian fare devoid of onions and garlic and attempts at being organic to its practical end at nominal cost.Strictly no Non Vegetarian Allowed in the premises of the property.

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We are based in Mumbai but if needed we are just a phone call away.But there is a caretaker who lives in Mithila Bhavan 24 hours.
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