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[For non-smokers]@casabudonoki
Over 10 rooms, our 100+ years old Japanese style house is an excellent stopover point on the route between Kanazawa and Takayama.
This house, 200 sq. meter space is open for only one group per day. Stay-overs for up to 6 guests, but we also welcome smaller numbers.

Car parking, Wi-Fi and Netflix for free and No tax. 2800 yen from the 2nd guest for each, 2500 yen for cleaning (plus Airbnb fee). Pure Japanese style house but 70% of users are foreign tourists.

Japanese-style house with Japanese garden. It is so spacious (4BD/3CL/2ENT/LDK+PL/2WC/2R1W/2Hall/DR/VB etc.) with 8000 sq. meter site, you can make yourself at ease and your children can play tag and run inside the house with all Shoji & Fusuma doors open. We hope you enjoy this old-fashioned house.

This village is in the Oyabe City next to Kanazawa City, is in the center of the Tonami Plains which is famous for dispersed settlement. Also it is famouse for Mr. Tosaku Nishida, a founder of GOLDWIN Inc.(manufacturer of ellesse, THE NORTH FACE, speedo etc.), he was born in this village.

This house usually serves as the owner's agricultural office, also is operated as a hands-on facility for the customers of a major housing manufacturer, Panasonic Corporation, but it is completely open for you during your stay. The host, an certified architect, has been renovating this house for years, renewing old facilities with the latest furnishings to realize Japanese old life-style stay with latest facilities.

We value privacy, host is in the another section under the same roof while your stay, but two sections are separated, of course, entrance is different.

1.1-Only one group for each day:
Our house is designed for only one group of guests for each day, that is, no sharing with other groups during the stay.

1.2-Our hospitality:
We offer you good sleep, a reasonable price with sleep over, family oriented and the traditional Japanese lifestyle in the era of Taisho and Showa (=19 10's to 80's).

1.3-Flexible Futon-bedding:
Japanese Futon-bedding is best suited on Tatami-mats. It is portable, foldable and flexible enough to sleep together in one room, in separated rooms for each person, men/women, family units, kids/adults, boss/employees or the snores/non-snores as you prefer.
Hotel quality sheets and lightweight down feather Futon(s) are provided for each guest.

1.4.1-Outside View:
Guests can enjoy a variety of seasonal views of nature from our rooms in various orientations, including views of the Japanese garden, tranquil countryside, and the Northern Alps, while pheasants and hibis chirp in the quiet environment. On clear nights the Milky Way and stars of various constellations are within your reach easily.

1.4.2-Trees and greens in the Japanese-style garden:
Seasonal trees are planted throughout the property, mainly in the Japanese-style garden, and can be viewed from the windows along with the scenery. At night, the garden is faintly lit by lanterns.

1.4.3-WiFi and Wired Network ready:
We provide a guest-only Wi-Fi connection. The speed is practical enough for e-mail, web browsing, and videoconferencing.

We also provide a wired LAN connection directly connected to a router. We also provide a access point so that you can work not only inside the building but also in your favorite outdoor location while enjoying the natural scenery. We can lend you LAN cables and a access point that the host has as a courtesy. However, if you need a high level of security or use a special client PC, please contact us in advance, specifying how you will use it.

1.5-Location and Expressways:
Near Cloverleaf of expressways for four direction(north, south, east and west), a lot of places are within your range by car.
-North: Takaoka 20min/Chirihama Seaedge Driveway 40min/Wakura-Onsen 60min/Wajima 100min
-South: Gokayama 40min/Shirakawago 40min/Takayama 70min
-East: Toyama 30min/Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route 60min/Coast of Jade 90min
-West: Kanazawa 25min/Kaga-Onsen 60min/Fukui 90min
-250km from Centrair, Nagoya Int'l Airport
-350km from Kansai Int'l Airport
-400km from Tokyo

Free parking space for one small car in front of our house and other 12 cars next to our house.
A sprinkling tool in the main yard is available for car washing, and there is also a 15-square-meter covered space for storing and maintaining bicycles and motorcycles. If you want to borrow tools, please ask your host.

1.7-Luggage storage
We provide our inner veranda for luggage storage, just in front of the small parking space.

1.8-Private Entrance:
Guests can enter and exit at any time via the guest entrance with an automatic lock and card key.

1.9-Bed rooms:
This house has approx. 15 rooms, ten of those with Tatami mats, four rooms have good specifications for sleeping.

1.9.1-Bed room #1(capacity of 4):
This bedroom is suitable for children or for parent(s) with children to sleep together.
Japanese modern style bed room with 20 pcs. of checkered pattern of square tatami-mats. Quiet room and clean air feeling. Open from the south and west, it is a well-lit room with a wide view of crop fields.
The idea of this room comes from 'a traditional Japanese scene of sunset with rice fields'.
Orange glass mosaic wall tiles will catch your eyes first, and combination of plain wood walls with a Fusuma door, wooden crossbeam and inclined ceiling with loft floor are weightlessly connected with indirect lighting.
Air-conditioner, Coat hook equipped.

1.9.2-Bed room #2(capacity of 3):
Suitable for 2 to 3 people to sleep.
Japanese-style bed room with eight pcs. of tatami-mats.
Open from the south and east, it is a well-lit but calm and composed room with a Shoji paper screen.
The idea of this room comes from 'plants swaying in the wind'. Opening the Shoji-door, you can feel something of the Japanese landscape with crop fields beyond the Japanese garden.
This room has a Japanese-style alcove, TOKONO-MA(床の間) with hanging scroll picture, KAKEZIKU(掛軸) and NOREN(暖簾) curtain. These items make you feel calm and relaxed, we like to think.
Air-conditioner, Coat hook equipped.

1.9.3-Room #3(capacity of 2):
Suitable for 1 to 2 people to sleep.
Japanese-style bed room with six pcs. of tatami-mats.
Red iron wall, Fusuma door with black-and-white drawings. The idea of this room comes from 'taking a break'. It comes with a style of Japanese SHOIN-ZUKURI(書院造), a perfect traditional fixture including TOKONO-MA and KAKEZIKU. The next den room also has six pcs. of tatami-mats for your work and rest.
With shoji-screen opened a little bit, you can see wide view of fields with mountain range of Mt. EOZEN and Mt. TATEYAMA.
Air-conditioner, Coat hook equipped.

1.9.4-Room #4(capacity of 4):
Suitable for up to 4 people, sleeping with your child(chldren) between parents for example.
Japanese-style bed room with nine pcs. of tatami-mats.
Surrounded with mosaic of Shoji and a series of wood panel door(ITA-DO板戸) and wooden carved stencil(RAMMA欄間), these items will promise you the Japanese style of impressive good sleep experience.
The idea of this room comes from 'morning sunlight in calm air'. This room faces east and the sun shines through Shoji screen in the early morning as if it urges you to open. When you open the screen, you can feel something Japanese through the wide view of the Japanese garden at your front. This room has been maintained as it was build.
Air-conditioner equipped.

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Shops and Restaurants nearby:
- Nearest convenience store: 1.5km
- Ikkyu 450yen to 800yen Japanese style: 1.1km
- Oyatama 500yen to 800yen Japanese style and Raumen noodle: 4.2km
- Aeon mall Tonami 500yen to 1500yen Shopping mall with 100 stores and various foods: 5.9km
- Mitsui Outlet Park Hokuriku Oyabe 1000yen to 3000yen Magnificent 170+ stores and foods: 7.0km

Izakaya bars nearby:
10-20 bars are around JR Tonami station 3000yen to 5000yen: 6.9km

Such a countryside that you can feel beautiful old-Japanese village and life style. This landscape called Sankyo-son in Japanese is as famous for dispersed settlement as talschaft, landvogtei in Switzerland, England, Italy etc. .

Transport facilities:
We must say here is in the middle of nowhere. We recommend visiting by car and car transportation is very useful here. That means it is very time consuming task to visit us by railways and bus. It takes 90 min. walk from nearest railway station and only 3 buses a day are available in holidays.

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Hello, I am an architect and writer/author, partially farming. We like randomly traveling over 50 times somewhere in Japan , in Asia, and US and so on.

At this place, "BUDONO-KI" guest house, we are making rice, grape, peach, Japanese persimmon, grasses in this field, and some sort of moss in the garden.
And this house is used as office for growing these plants as well as guest house to stay.

Through our those travel experiences, humbled to say, we understand what tourists need, are caring & respecting culture, religion and personal differences as well.

We are happy to advice and help whatnot tourist need on the road, - even you won't be our guest , such as checking timetable for your next destination,
We however rather not disturbing with unsought advices.

We like making something with woods, and re-making this house little by little to be more comfortable to stay.



Hello, I am an architect and writer/author, partially farming. We like randomly traveling over 50 times somewhere in Japan , in Asia, and US and so on.

At this place, "B…

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3.0-Interaction with guests:
The host is in the admin office while your stay like Ryokan, welcoming and seeing you off at your arrival and departure. Self-check-in is also available when the host must go on an errand.
Please call with internal line at any inconvenience or for any question. We try to do our best to have a good dialogue with our guests and help out with any questions, such as where to visit in Kanazawa or other sightseeing places, where to eat/buy something near our house, what Japanese old-style houses are like, usage of the Japanese-style tools/devices in our house and so on. If we need to, we will search online to find an answer for you.
Early in the morning the host will enter the Kitchen and Living Room, to the minimum extent to heat/cool the house.
3.0-Interaction with guests:
The host is in the admin office while your stay like Ryokan, welcoming and seeing you off at your arrival and departure. Self-check-in is also ava…
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