6𝕘𝕦𝕖𝕤𝕥𝕤4𝕓𝕖𝕕𝕤ᴳ3br/2baᴼᴺ𝐂𝐇𝐒 нorѕe🐎𝐅armᵀᴴᴱ𝐆uest𝐇ouse~


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Kull booking jinkludi ħarsien bla ħlas f'każ li l-Host jikkanċella, f'każ li l-listing ma jkunx ġenwin u f'każ ta' problemi oħra bħal problemi biex tagħmel iċ-checkin.
Xi informazzjoni ġiet tradotta awtomatikament.
⭐️𝗡𝗼 𝗖𝗹𝗲𝗮𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗙𝗲𝗲⭐️
Your own PRIVATE mobile home 🏡 on pastoral horse🐴 farm. Only 30 mins to downtown Charleston⛲️. A place to enjoy the rural🌳country life, but close to shopping🛍, restaurants🍝, nightlife💃🏼 of downtown🥂 Charleston⛲️. Spend the days☀️ at one of the the beaches- Folly🏖Edisto⛱or Kiawah🏝 and come back to the gated privacy of this serene farm escape🌴. This is a farm🐴 and animal🐐experience🐓. The whole property🌳is yours to enjoy❤️and you can feed🥕pet and interact w/ the animals anytime❤️

❤️𝗡𝗼 𝗖𝗹𝗲𝗮𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗙𝗲𝗲 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗖𝗵𝗲𝗮𝗽𝗹𝘆 𝗣𝗿𝗶𝗰𝗲𝗱! Thank you for considering a guest house stay 🏡 .
No cleaning fees🧹
It is a newer and private unit.
3 bedrooms 🛏🛏🛏
2 full baths 🛁🛁
1 queen bed.
1 queen sofa pull-out bed.
2 twin beds.
❤️No hidden fees.
Located on 110 flat pastoral acres. 30 minutes to downtown Charleston🛍.
15 minutes to West Ashley🛒
24 miles to Folly Beach🏖.
20 miles to Edisto Island🏝.
28 miles to Kiawah island 🏖.
24 miles to Charleston International airport✈️.

The farm🐐 is centrally located between Edisto Island beach🏝 and Downtown Charleston⛲️. Many guests spend a day at Edisto Beach 🏖 Folly Beach 🏝 or Kiawah Beach ⛱ and then another day in Downtown Charleston🏛. Afterward coming back to the farm to enjoy an after dinner bonfire 🪵 and night check in the barn at 9:30 🕤

❤️We offer free and unlimited interaction with the goats🐐. You can enter the goat 🐐 pen and hand 🤚 feed 🥕them, pet 🤚 them, or just sit 🧘🏼‍♀️ with them. Be watchful of their horns 🤘🏻. The two smaller goats 🐐 🐐 will climb on your lap. Make sure to latch the goat pen door 🚪 after or they will run straight into the barn, where they spend the nights ⭐️.

⭐️If you enter the hen house🐓 to collect eggs🥚, please don’t disturb the hens🐓 that are hatching eggs🐣, they are the hens🐓 sitting in the little nesting boxes keeping their eggs 🥚warm. You can collect any egg🥚 that doesn’t have a sitting hen🐓 on it. Make sure to latch the door afterward🚪.

⭐️We ask guests to stay OUTSIDE of the horse pastures ...only petting them over the fence. No climbing 🧗‍♀️ over the fences please🌸

⭐️The night check in the big barn is at 9:30 🕤 nightly ✨, if you want to come and give the horses 🐴 and goats 🐐 cookies🍪. The cookies🍪 are in the barn on the tile table in a grey bin. The black Shepherd 🐕is named Baby 🐕 and he is Super sweet🍬.
⛔️Watch out for him 🐕 when you drive up 🚗 to the barn. He will run to the 🚗 . Please don’t play 🤾 “fetch” with the him as his leg is healing from an injury. Even though he will “beg” you to play. Please only pet 👏 him 🐕 and give him 🐕 horse cookies 🍪

⭐️We also have a fire pit 🪵 if you would like to have a bonfire 🪵. We set it up with seating 🪑, extra logs 🪵 , and s’mores 🍫.

⭐️The guest🏡 house fridge and cabinets are have bottled water, fresh eggs 🥚 from the hen 🐓house for your brunch 🍳, carrots 🥕 for the horses 🐴 goats 🐐 and chickens 🐓. Popcorn 🍿 and oatmeal 🥣
⭐️The tap🚰 water in the guest house 🏡 is filtered.

A total of 9 guests can sleep-(With 1 guest sleeping on the ‘L” side of the sofa). It is tight with 9 guests but it is doable.
⭐️Please note:
Palmetto bugs 🪲 are harmless. They look like big beetles 🪲 or giant roaches 🪳 . I usually catch them and put them outside.
It is a low country farm, there are 🐜 ants, red 🐜 ants, 🕷 spiders , flies, gnats, 🦟 mosquitos, roaches 🪳 , palmetto bugs 🪲, crickets 🦗 , frogs 🐸 , snakes 🐍 and gators 🐊 . ⭐️Hopefully none of those you will encounter. ⭐️There are bait traps and transonic devices to discourage all creepy 🐛 crawlers in each of the Airbnb’s. ⭐️Guaranteed Pest Control comes and sprays monthly 🗓.

~Please remember that these are farm stays. They are “unique” stays not “luxurious” stays. This is a working farm- with animals (and bugs). It is, after all, the “low country” of South Carolina which is hot, humid, and muggy. The Airbnb’s are the farm’s old out buildings converted to Airbnb’s - please do NOT have any illusions of grandeur. Please read the unit descriptions well.

⭐️Offering different units on this horse farm (110 acres). Close to Charleston ⛲️ (downtown) and the beaches⛱ (Atlantic Ocean) of South Carolina 🏝. These are farm 🐴stays (rural) in the country🌳 (bugs) 🐛, we have 32 sweet horses 🐴(our pets) for you to enjoy. These rentals are our farm’s “out” buildings (converted to Airbnb’s). Please do not expect the “luxuries” of a
“4 star” ⭐️ or “5 diamond”💎
downtown ⛲️Charleston hotel 🏨 . There is not a concierge 🛎 on duty. No daily maid 🧺service. No room 🍱 service. These are Airbnb’s in the low-country of South Carolina🌴 Rustic, charming, warm and comfortable are apt descriptions of these units. With a cabin or cottage feel.
~The Guest House🏡 is a family sized 3br/2ba unit that sleeps 6.
~The Club ♣️ House is a spacious 2br/1ba unit that sleeps 6.
~The Cottage🏡 is a smaller 1br/1ba unit with lots of beds- sleeps 7.
~The King 👑 Carriage is a large 1br/1ba (with a king bed) that sleeps 5.
~The Combined House 🏡 are 2 neighboring units combined to make one large 3br/2ba private home 🏠 that has 9 beds and sleeps 12 guests comfortably.

🚫Each unit is private🚫.

⭐️ All our Airbnb units link:

⭐️𝗧hese are farm stays which include 𝗙𝗥𝗘𝗘 interaction with the horses🐴, goats🐐, chickens🐓, barn cats🐈, our deer🦌 and black Shepherd 🐕.
These are the lowest priced 📉, largest sized 😳, private 🚫 Airbnb rentals 🏠, on the most acreage🌲🌲🌲, in Charleston ⛲️ County.
❤️Please do not just come just for the low price📉 per night✨, come for the real country 🌴farm life 👩‍🌾 experience.
Bring 🚙your family and stay with us on the farm🏠!

⭐️The units are priced at a lower rate than what is available in Charleston⛲️ County (according to Airbnb stats). I priced them lower so everyone can get out to nature🌴🌳

⭐️I respect your privacy and will not bother you. But, I am available at anytime ⏰ to answer🙋🏼‍♀️any questions❓ during your stay. I am available 24/7 via text 📲. I won’t bother you unless you need something specific⭐️

~Please remember that these are farm stays. They are “unique” stays not “luxurious” stays. This is a working farm- with animals (and bugs). It is, after all, the “low country” of South Carolina which is hot, humid, and muggy. The Airbnb’s are the farm’s old out buildings converted to Airbnb’s - please do NOT have any illusions of grandeur. Please read the unit descriptions well.

❤️Charleston Marketplace Featured us on their website, Facebook, and Instagram! Here is their write-up.
AirbNb’s are plentiful in the Charleston area, but where do you go when you’re looking for something unique? Is there a place you retreat to when you need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city life, but within a short drive from home? Is there a place that is so relaxing, you turn off your cell phone, disconnect with the world, and re-connect with the great outdoors?

​I had the pleasure of spending a weekend at East Gate Farm on the weekend of Halloween. This 100-acre farm is located in Meggett, South Carolina; just 30 minutes outside of Charleston, and offers different sized Airbnb units for rent from a home to a 3 bedroom, 2 bath guest house.

Picture this: It’s sunrise, and you’ve just woken up. You pour your coffee, open your back door and look to the pastures that surround your home. You see horses grazing in the distance, so you grab the carrots your host has provided free of charge, and walk to the fence line, where 3 horses are galloping to come greet you. All they ask for in return is a snack of the ultimate delicacy, a carrot.

East Gate isn’t just any farm. I received free interaction with 32 horses (some of which are retired Carriage tour guides and Polo horses). I was able to become friends with a group of goats, who probably only liked me for the cookies that I received to feed to them; but I’ll accept that. I was also able to retrieve fresh eggs for breakfast from the chicken coop, which taste superior to what you buy at the grocery store. My cool evenings were spent with a bonfire set up just for me; complete with supplies for smores, and a hammock hanging from the encompassing trees for the ultimate wind-down of my days.

East Gate is truly a hidden gem and is an incredible get-away or a stay-cation, whether you plan on bringing your family, friends, or going solo. To learn more, or book your stay, visit East Gate Farm on Instagram @EastGateFarmStay or on AirbNb.

💕🌴☀️A Blog post written by Claudia Ossa about her farm stay:
‘Twas the day before the Monday of winter break in White Plains, NY and nary a plan was in sight. As someone who grew up in sunny California, the notion of a winter break is not ingrained in my psyche; HOWEVER, we have two kids, ages 7 and 8, and the weather was pretty frigid. The promise of a steady diet of “No more screen time or else!!!” or, in reality, “How about another season of Bunk’d?” for a week, put some fire under my SAHM butt to figure something out.

So I hit Airbnb in search of warmth of any kind, ideally paired with a pool.

Anyone who understands East Coast winter culture knows that this search should have occurred at least two months in advance. Charleston, South Carolina has been on my radar for a while. Images of seersucker, bowls of glistening grits and a generous amount of politeness seemed like the perfect order, but there was little to no availability in Charleston for a family of four with a budget founded in reality.

I came upon a horse ranch in Meggett, SC, only 30 minutes from Charleston. I practically cry-laughed when I read the host’s description which included, “THIS IS NOT A HOTEL. THERE ARE BUGS, THIS IS A FARM” and “LEAVE ANY DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR BEHIND.” I decided to take a gander at the reviews despite Lizabeth’s (the host) fervent attempts at getting us to go elsewhere, and I discovered only glowing reviews, many by repeat visitors. The photos of the farm only galvanized my resolve. I think Lizabeth may have been writing in a secret code to certain types of people because she included an inordinate amount of emojis in her descriptions. I was beguiled by the balance of harshness and whimsy. Let's just say that she had me at Palmetto bugs that look like roaches, and I am deathly afraid of chunky bugs.

I am not sure how I convinced my country-club-raised husband to stay in a converted shed with no indoor bathroom and cats, but I did. The kids were, of course, thrilled out of their gourds (farm humor) at the prospect of sleeping with cats in their own loft beds while attached to a barn full of adorable horses, goats, a miniature pony and a big black dog. Worry not. There are a plethora of lodging options on the farm that include bathrooms and even full kitchens, but we went with the most minimal, yet the most popular, space because of the proximity to the animals and the adorable absurdity of the whole thing.

There were so many “firsts” on this trip for our family, including a 13 hour mostly device-free car ride with a sprinkling of hotel stays that ranged from super-dingy to pretty fancy, but I won’t get into those right now.

I’m only writing about this visit to East Gate Farms in Meggett, South Carolina because it was one of the best vacations we have ever taken, and we were only there two nights and three days.

From the moment we rolled through the gates, a feeling of peace washed over us. Horses, open sky, moss gently waving from tree branches and a big barn/stable smack dab in the middle. Pretty perfect.

We pulled up to our designated parking spot, and I could just hear the Pioneer Woman whispering, “Welcome y’alllllll.” One glance at the tiny converted shed, and I thought, “Oh shit that IS tiny,” but once we opened up the doors, I became 7 all over again. I wanted to claim first dibs on the bunk with the window overlooking the farm, but alas, I am almost 50 and that would have been kinda mean to the kids, not to mention another clue for my husband that he might have married Dharma from Dharma and Greg. (Google it, young people!)

We are not cat people. I mean, the kids don’t know if they are cat people, but WE, my husband and I, are not cat people. He lived with a gal who had a cat for several years, and I had the pleasure of sitting on the couch that said cat loved to mangle, but other than that, not a lot of feline action in our lives. So, to us, renting a room that came with at least two of the 13 cats that live in the barn seemed like a challenge right out of The Amazing Race.

Our kids are now officially cat people but also, horse, dog, goat and chicken people (donkeys too). We shared our space with the kitties but occasionally had to show them the door when shit got too crowded. I tried to say, “Ok cats, time to goooo,” in the sing-songy voice of a non-cat owner, but my husband reminded me that cats don’t listen so I ended up having to gently extract them physically. Don’t tell anyone, but these mf’ers are soft, squishy, purring deliciousness. We’re still not cat people but will now dabble in our neighborhood cats from time to time. P.S. The Bunk Room is the only room that includes the cat amenity.

I could go on and on about this farm stay, from the gentleness and eagerness to please of the lovely ranch hand family which included horseback rides, custom bonfires complete with s’mores to the ability to feed the animals snacks 24/7, but I wouldn’t want to give all of the magic away.

We never had the pleasure of meeting our host, Lizabeth, but she was always an Airbnb message away. Like Charlie from Charlie’s Angels (the original, not the remake! Was there a remake?), we never saw her, but her presence was felt in many wonderful ways. The kids were sad when we packed up, bound for Charleston. We were sad too, but we knew we would be back.

This was our second experience with Airbnb. I love the humanity around the sharing of spaces and the generosity of opening up something beautiful and intimate to anyone. The “Farm Bathing” title of this post refers to our glamping trip to a farm in Vermont that we took last summer through HipCamp, a site similar to Airbnb that “offers outdoor stays and camping experiences via a website and mobile app.” There was a lot of overlap with our farm stay in that we were immersed in the farm experiences and felt a sincere connection with the humans behind the farms.

Our bunk room was not fit for cooking and that was a great thing because it forced us to explore some insane food just minutes away from the farm. Lizabeth shares lists on Airbnb for local beaches as well as restaurants, and she was spot on for both!

You will never hear me say that any food is elevated. Simple foods that have been passed down through generations do not need to be elevated. However, I do enjoy a spin on a classic and this is what the people at Angel Oak do. I am very picky about my fried chicken. I am not a fan of super herby and overly-brined birds. This fried chicken scores a 10 on texture, juiciness and breading and a 7.8 on seasoning because someone snuck some herbs in there, but if you woke me up at 3 am and said, “there is some fried chicken from Angel Oak outside, but it's 10 below and you have to eat it barefoot,” I would. I am also picky about fried green tomatoes. You would think I was from the South. (Does South America count?) I have eaten a superb fried green tomato and none ever lived up to it, until now. I like straightforward food, so when I saw that the FGTs were served with a dollop of pimento cheese, I had my doubts. I don’t tend to fill my gut with just one heavy-ass-thing at the beginning of the meal only to be rendered a sad useless blob by the end, but THESE babies were oh-so-amazing. I am realizing that I am full of “don’ts” when it comes to dining out and this includes foofy cocktails, but I was feeling festive so I ordered the Paloma. It turns out that I have been drinking cocktails at all the wrong places because this one was special. It was balanced. Not too sweet, not too bland and just boozy enough. I ordered it somewhere else a few days later, and it was not the same. I wish we had a restaurant like Angel Oak around these parts because I would become a regular. Some words… casual, class yet inventive, super high quality and delicious.

This restaurant was a teensy bit further than Angel Oak but possessed a similar vibe. I recommend hitting Driftwood Beach located in Botany Bay Plantation Heritage Preserve for some beach and heavy photography and then an early dinner at Roxbury Mercantile. The food here was excellent. I love a wedge salad and not an elevated wedge salad, although this one was tall. It was everything a wedge salad needed to be. Each ingredient was extremely fresh, and you could taste that the blue cheese dressing did not skimp on ingredients. The other favorite here was the shrimp and grits. I like a S&G where the shrimpies are saucy and well-seasoned on a backdrop of simple but expertly executed grits. I would also eat this dish barefoot in the snow. The edge that Roxbury Mercantile had over Angel Oak was the kid factor. This place has a super cool bench that sways called a Joggling Board. This occupied the kids for a bit between dinner and tiny but heavenly key lime pie. I want a Joggling Board, and I know just where I am going to put it! They also offered cornhole and a sweet lounging area too.


After a delicious lunch at Rodney Scott’s BBQ, where the hype is well-deserved, we quickly discovered that the hotel that we could afford during winter break in historic Charleston, would surely drain our coffers of the joy we had just accumulated at the farm.  As we all sat in the happiest part of our sad hotel room, a bed next to a window, I took to searching for resorts NEARBY and after being told that a few were SOLD OUT, the hotel Gods smiled upon us and we scored a room at The Sweetgrass Inn that is located at the Wild Dunes Resort. I am not going to go into full detail about this, but let's just say that for very little over what we were paying for a den of despair in Charleston, we landed a GORGEOUS less-than-a-year-old resort on the beautiful and pristine Isle of Palms. I highly recommend the combination of East Gate farm in Meggett, SC followed by The Sweetgrass Inn at Isle of Palms. We ate most meals on our two-day visit on the resort, but had the pleasure of having a traditional Southern Breakfast at Seabiscuit, a charming and delicious family-owned restaurant only few miles down the road on Isle of Palms.

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14 Diċ 2022 - 21 Diċ 2022

4.96 out of 5 stars from 259 reviews


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Meggett, South Carolina, l-Istati Uniti

Whole farm is accessible to guests. 110 acres of flat pastoral land. Free and unlimited interaction with all the animals. ⭐️ ⭐️YOU ARE WELCOME TO VISIT HORSES IN THE BARN ANYTIME⭐️ Park next to the unit. Walk/hike on all the farm land. Rent bikes and bike all the connecting farm roads. Reserve a horseback ride and enjoy the hour long trail ride around the 100 acre farm led by a groom.

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Din hija proprjetà privata u magħluqa u razzett Thoroughbred.
*Seattle Slew (Triple Crown) u *Forli 's (Triple Crown) Nanna (irtirata),
fost l-eks Champions oħra jgħixu hawn. L-annimali kollha tar-razzett huma disponibbli biex jiltaqgħu u jidħlu annimali domestiċi, għall-klijenti tagħna, li jikru waħda mid-djar, li huma disponibbli biss permezz ta 'Airbnb. L-agrituriżmu huwa l-proprjetà privata tal-familja tagħna ta '100 ejker. Dan ir-razzett huwa replika ta' razzett tat-tiġrijiet magħruf ta 'NY Thoroughbred f' Saratoga, New York.
L-art hija manicured u miżmuma, u d-dar tal-familja tagħna minn mindu mexxejna l-agrituriżmu lejn South Carolina minn Pawling, New York fl-2014. L-agrituriżmu jinsab qrib Charleston (fiċ-ċentru) u l-bajjiet (l-Oċean Atlantiku) ta 'South Carolina. Dawn huma agrituriżmi (rurali) fil-pajjiż (bugs), għandna 30 żwiemel ħelwin (il-pets tagħna) biex tkun tista' tgawdi fil-, akkoljenti u fil-viċinat, f 'pajjiż baxx ta' South Carolina- fejn l-ospitalità tan-Nofsinhar għadha ħaġa xi ħaġa.

Dan huwa Meggett- il-familji antiki tan-Nofsinhar li bnew Charleston jgħixu madwar hawnhekk- Dan huwa l-veru rziezet u art fil-kampanja tan-naħa t 'isfel għal mili-il-muntanji u l-bajjiet tal-oċean.

L-agrituriżmu huwa 100 ejker pastorali ċatt. 30 minuta lejn iċ-ċentru ta 'Charleston.
15-il minuta lejn West Ashley.
24 mil lejn Folly Beach.
20 mil lejn il-Gżira ta 'Edisto.
28 mil lejn il-gżira ta' Kiawah .
24 mil lejn l-ajruport Internazzjonali ta 'Charleston.
L-agrituriżmu jinsab fiċ-ċentru bejn il-bajja ta 'Edisto Island u Downtown Charleston. Ħafna klijenti jqattgħu ġurnata f' Edisto Beach, Kiawah Beach jew Folly Beach u mbagħad jum (jew tnejn) ieħor jesploraw Downtown Charleston. Wara, erġa 'lura fir-razzett biex tgawdi nżul ix-xemx roża, nirien privati, u wara, ingħaqad ma' kulħadd fil-barn għal kontroll ta 'billejl (meta ż-żwiemel jiġu ċċekkjati qabel il-ħin tas-sodda) li huwa kull filgħaxija fid-9:30pm.

Il- ta 'Airbnb:
Dawn huma ta' Airbnb fil-pajjiż baxx ta 'South Carolina.
Rustiku, attraenti, sħun u komdu huma deskrizzjonijiet tal-appartamenti ta' dawn l-unitajiet. B 'sens ta' kabina jew cottage.
~Il-Guest House hija unità ta 'daqs tal-familja 3br/2ba b' 4 sodod u 6 irqad. https://abnb.me/Hm7jUplace} au9
~The Deck House hija unità 1ba bi 3 sodod li jorqdu 6.
~Id-Dar tal-Klabb hija unità 1ba bi 3 sodod li jorqdu 6. https://abnb.me/u8SxERuau9
~Il-Cottage hija unità 1br/1ba iżgħar b '6 sodod li jorqdu 7. https://abnb.me/
~Il-Vjaġġ huwa 1br/1ba bi 3 sodod li jorqdu 5.
} 9t9 - Id-Dar Lesta hija dar bi 3 ikmamar tas-sodda/kamra tal-banju b '9 sodod li jorqdu 12. https://www.airbnb.com/h/eastgatefarmstay3brcompletehouse
-il-Kamra ta 'Bunk hija studio bi 3 sodod li jorqdu 4.
~Il-Kabina hija kamra tas-sodda iżgħar b' 2 kmamar tas-sodda waħda b '6 sodod li jorqdu 8.
Kull unità hija privata.
Dawn huma żjarat fl-agrituriżmi, fil-pajjiż, li jinkludu, interazzjoni b 'xejn maż-żwiemel, il-mogħoż, it-tiġieġ,
barn qattus, iċ-ċerv tagħna
u Black Shepherd.
Dawn huma agrituriżmi. Dawn huma żjarat "uniċi" u mhux "lussużi". Dan huwa razzett li jaħdem mal-annimali (u l-bugs). Huwa, fl-aħħar mill-aħħar, il- "pajjiż baxx" ta 'South Carolina li huwa sħun, umdu u muggy. Il- ta 'Airbnb huma l-bini antik tal-agrituriżmu kkonvertit għal ta' Airbnb - *Jekk jogħġbok M 'għandek l-ebda illużjoni ta' nannti.
Iżda ejja u żur għall-arja friska tal-pajjiż, l-esperjenza reali tal-ħajja fir-razzett...
Barra minn hekk, ir-rati ta 'kull lejl mill-aqwa.
Ħu lill-familja tiegħek miegħek u gawdi żjara fl-agrituriżmu.
Din hija proprjetà privata u magħluqa u razzett Thoroughbred.
*Seattle Slew (Triple Crown) u *Forli 's (Triple Crown) Nanna (irtirata),
fost l-eks Champi…


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Alarm tad-duħħan

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