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Summerhouse near Oslo

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Summer house with 600 meters shoreline towards lake Lysern, just 45 minutes drive from Oslo. 2 bedrooms with double beds, one single bed. Suited for outdoor life, swimming, fishing and boat sports. 14ft boat with 5hk outboardmotor included (summer season).

6000 square meters woodland, 600 meter shoreline, nice view, clean water. Wildlife at your doorstep. Very good fishing, also for the kids.

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70 square meters summerhouse, old fashion outdoor toilet, free boat, fishing equipment for hire (trolling, shore fishing, lures etc). As much firewood as you please. Restrictions on outdoor open fire in summer. Warm and cold water, outdoor show in the summer.

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Best suited for outdoor loving families and couples. No water toilet, but indoor shower.

Angling at Lake Lyseren and surrondings

Detailed about fishing in the area;

Lake Lyseren lies at 169 meters over sea level and covers 7,5 square kilometers. Its name mens The clear lake, caused by its total scarcity of feeding rivers and streams. Even during the snow melting in march/april, the water remains clear. The lake drains into River Glomma by the small river Smalelva.
Average depth is 8,5 meters, with three deeper bassins. Largest depth is 50 meters. Islands and small rocks are plentifull and the lake is very popular as a recreational area.

Lyseren is famous for its large population of record sized Perch. Few other places can offer better sport after large specimens. Perch over 1 kg is common, and specimens over 2 kg is cought nearly very year. The record in Lysern is 2,15kg. For smaller and medium sized perch I recommend worm and small spinnbaits. Larger specimens is occasionally caught by these metods, but large perch is a difficult fish, and a great challenge for the specimen hunter.

Large perch are found all over the lake, but in the summertime you should consentrate on straits between islands, underwater structures like rocks and ledges. But if you find the shoals of baitfish, the large ones are never far away. From 1. July and two weeks on, the rocky coast around my summerhouse is filled with spawning laue (Alburnus alburnus/Bleak/Laube) and the large perch can go bananas only a few meters from the shore.

Methods for perch.
Spinfishing. All known metods will do, but try poppers and surface lures in warm water, jiggs and small spoons in colder water. Large perch is active even in bathing tempratures, so dont let that stop your effort. Perch loves nice summer weather. Spinners will do the job in medium to warm water – try Scandinavian patterns like the red ABU Reflex or Mepps.
Baitfishing. Nothing beats bottombouncing lobworms when the fishing is slow. Fish hard botton, like the area at the south-east corner at my summer house. You will find depths from 6 to 14 meters within casting range. Also a very good method from drifting boat. – and perfect for kids. Small to medium sized mort (Rutilus rutilus/roach/rotauge) is also a very good bait for perch, try deadbait bottom bouncing from drifting boat or float fished livebait. (See general comments below)
Trolling. Large perch will take large wobblers intended for pike, but prefer smaller ones – 10 to 15 cm. A thin wire or very robust mono is required in case of pike.

Season. All year around, but best in summer from mid may untill late autumn (if the weather is warm) Popular target on ice fishing. In cold weather use the afternoon for fishing perch, in really warm weather; early morning and the last hours of the day.

Pike are in abundance in Lyseren, but specimens over 10 kilo are rare. Common size is 1 to 3 kilo, but there are reports about 15 kilos, and even a 17 kilos pike. The largest one I have documentation on, is a bit over 13 kilos. There are two types, or tribes if you will, of pikes in the lake. The ”small” variant with sleek bodies and large heads that inhabit the shallow areas, and the larger pelagic type with smaller heads and larger bodies. The latter hunt in the open water after laue and a small salmoniade called krøkle (Osmerus eperlanus/smelt/binnerstint).
Methods for pike.
Spinning: In cold water; jigging, large spoons and wobblers and jerk-fishing. In warm water try surface lures (poppers) and fly fishing.
Bait fishing: In shallow water and on the ledges, try livebait with float. In deeper water bottom bouncing with deadbait. (Please see general information below.) I have no success with passiv ledgering with dead beait, but pop- up tackle with live ledgered bait works fine in Lyseren..
Trolling. Use wobblers or trailed deadbait (tackle see (URL HIDDEN) Another exiting method is slow drifting with livebait and sliding float.
The traditional norwegian wobbler color is red/white and perch patterns, but I guess anything will do the job as long you serve i deep enough. Our boat is provided with a trolling rig and two aditional rod- rests. Use acombination of the rig and a flat line trolled diving wobbler and you are ready for action.
Trolling speed: (Use your gps) Wobbler 1,5-2 knots, bottom bouching 1-1,5 knots, drifting with sliding float 0,5-1 knots. (Exiting for kids, much action)

Season. The Lysern pike season starts tradionally in mid may and goes on untill the ice comes in november. They avoid too warm water in summer, so go hunting in the deeper areas. I regards the autumn as the most exicting time for pike. Pike likes cloudy and windy weather, and will hunt near shore where waves makes the water chill and cloudy. The ice fishing for pike is very exiting and are usually very good near our cabin.

Other species in Lysern. The lake also holds stocks of lake (lota lota/burbot/quappe) than can be fished by nightfishing in the autumn and winter (on the ice), but they do not grow big in this lake. You will also find information on the internet about some brown trout, rainbow throut and eels in the lake. But they are very rare. There are some cruician carps in shallow areas. There are plenty of the bait fish Laue, krøkle and mort (Rutilus rutilus/roach/rotauge)

Please note that the lake holds Freshwater Crawfish (Astacus astacus), this can ony be cauth in the season between 6th of august to 15th of september.
There are fishing licence in Lyseren, but that is allready paid for.
Live baitfish is forbidden. (Please see general information below.)

Within one hour drive from my cabin, you can explore other exiting fishing scenarios. Here are some nice ones.

Bingsfoss in River Glomma. Not the nearest location in Glomma if you look at the map. But well worth the extra 30 minutes drive upstream, the place is easy to fish, beautiful and well suited for a family outing with picknic spots and plenty of things to do and explore for kids. And best of all; this stretch of the river, just below the dam, holds a nice stock of harr (Thymallus thymallus/grayling/äsche) and ørret (Salmo Trutta/brown trout/forelle) The first up to approx 1 kilo, the latter can reach heavy weights her – up to 5-6 kilos at the most. The backeddies also hold large predators – so wheel your grayling in fast...Spinning, fly and bait fishing. Difficult bottom structures in some areas.
A kilometer or so downstream the current slows down and you will find attractive coarse fishing after stam (Lauciscus cephalus/chub/döbel), mort (Rutilus rutilus/roach/rotauge, brasme (Abramis brama/bream/brasche) and plenty of predators. Fishing licence NOK50,- for one day ticket. No special restrictions. Season from april/may until late autumn.

Ågaardselva, in Glomma river system. Downstream Lyseren you can try your luck after laks (Salmo salar/salmon/lachs) and sjøørret (Salmo trutta/Sea trout/see forelle) Not easy to get anything, but some big salmon in there, and very nice surrondings, also activities for the whole family. Day ticket NOK 400,- plus a NOK 200,- deposit. You also have to pay national fishing licence to fish for anadrome species – NOK247,-. Season july and august. Fly, spinning and wormfishing.

The Oslofjord in the Drøbak strait is a good place for combining sight seeing, bathing and fishing. It is also possible to take the ferry over to the old coastal defence site Oscarsborg, famous for sinking the german cruiser Blücher during WWII. Fishing from shore in the strong tidal current will give you a mixed bag of makrell, cod, flat fish and possible sea trout. I can also offer day trips in inner Oslofjord with a 16feet trolling boat in september/october after cod, large makrell, grayfish, pollock, garfish, sea bass and sea trout.


•Predators and other coarse fish can in general be caught all year. Salmon, Trout, Grayling, Sea Trout and Crayfish have local and national regulations, you must aquire a National Angling Licence in addition to local licence.
•It is illegal to use other live bait than worm, maggots and bloodworms in Norway. If you get caught fishing with live baitfish, or even transporting live baitfish, you will be prosecuted by law, and fined. Your fishing equipment (even the boat) can be seized by the authorities. The reason for this strict reaction is the spreading of unwanted species and diseases in Norwegian waters, a big problem for us. If you absolutely cannot resist the live bait methods – please use live bait from the same water that you fish. Never transport fish from a waterway to another. There are plenty of roach and other baitfish everywhere, and a joy to catch them as well.
•Worms must be taken from the local area or be provided by a farmer approved by the Norwegian authorities. Do not bring from other countries. Top quality lobworms, regular sized worms and maggots can be bouth from me or in stores in the area.

A compete package of angling equipment can be rented for Nok500/week, containing:
* Trolling rod, wheel, rod holder and fish finder. Lures & wobblers (for one)
* Spinning equipment. Rod, wheels and lures/spinner/wobblers (for one)
* Baitfishing; matchrod/deadbait rods/wheels/hooks/sinkers/floats
Summer house with 600 meters shoreline towards lake Lysern, just 45 minutes drive from Oslo. 2 bedrooms with double beds, one single bed. Suited for outdoor life, swimming, fishing and boat sports. 14ft boat with 5hk outboardmotor included (summer season).

6000 square meters woodland, 600 meter shoreline, nice view, clean water. Wildlife at your doorstep. Very good fishing, also for…

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Enebakk, Akershus, Norway

No near neighbors! Quite surroundings. Perfect for outdoor loving families. Kids paradise with fishing, boating etc. Near Oslo.

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Host or his representative will meet you at the house. Transport from/to Gardermoen airport can be arranged

Can guide anglers if preferred. Angling charter in Oslo fjord can be arranged. More details below.
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