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  1. Suite privata sħiħa
  2. South Launceston
Cosy Nordic self contained flat 2.0

This is a tiny room on a steep busy street with no parking. You may have to park 300m away. There is a gravel driveway with difficult access and a big step. There is a young loud family of 4 upstairs with 2 dogs, we are not ninjas. We are all early risers so you would expect to hear noise in the mornings. There is another Airbnb next door adjacent to the room. The heat pump is next to the bed and may be noisy. Please note we are in the middle of renovating.

$32 kull lejl
  1. Villa sħiħa
  2. Falmouth
LUXURY OCEANFRONT VILLA btw Bay of Fires&Wineglass

This listing is one of Saltwater Sunrise’s 5 Luxurious Oceanfront Villas. Each villa is almost identical & only 50mts from the ocean with panoramic sea views. King-bed & modern bathroom, walk-in shower & deep-set bath. Kitchenettes incl dishwasher, sandwich press, combined microwave/oven/grill, electric pan, kettle, toaster, Espresso machine & outdoor WebberBBQ. Management appoints your actual villa number allocation 2 days prior to your arrival date via SMS or email. FREE WIFI !!!

$180 kull lejl
  1. Dar ċkejkna
  2. Dysart
Huntingdon Tier Forest Retreat – Bus & Hot Tub

A mountain-top, off-grid converted schoolbus apartment – the Treetop bus apartment is a place to escape, relax, disconnect and reconnect. Borne out of love of the natural Tasmanian environment, Huntingdon Tier Forest Retreat is a place to simply be – to breathe fresh air, to soak in the woodfired hot tub, to listen to the sounds of the breeze rustling the leaves or to lounge by a warm wood fire and quietly observe the surrounding wildlife.

$152 kull lejl

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  1. Kabina sħiħa
  2. Lucaston
Orchards Nest - an apple farmer's bush retreat
$175 kull lejl
  1. Dar sħiħa
  2. Nubeena
Sunhouse Tasmania- 3Bed/ Outdoor Bath/ Fireplace
$96 kull lejl
  1. Agrituriżmu
  2. Buckland
The Stable at Twamley Farm
$208 kull lejl
  1. Il-post kollu
  2. Deloraine
$221 kull lejl
  1. Dar sħiħa
  2. Crabtree
Little Crabtree
$162 kull lejl
  1. Il-post kollu
  2. Interlaken
The Doctor‘s - Deluxe lakefront container chalet
$249 kull lejl
  1. Kamra privata
  2. Strahan
Stately home...Mezzanine bedroom
$49 kull lejl
  1. Cottage sħiħa
  2. Heybridge
Blythe River Boathouse - Luxury Waterfront Shack
$105 kull lejl
  1. Kabina sħiħa
  2. Glaziers Bay
Huon Valley View Cabin near Cygnet
$67 kull lejl
  1. Guesthouse sħiħa
  2. Lindisfarne
View Studio - Amazing Views, Stone Bath, King Bed
$148 kull lejl
  1. Dar ċkejkna
  2. Oyster Cove
The A-Frame @Oyster Cove Bush Hideaway
$127 kull lejl
  1. Guesthouse sħiħa
  2. Newstead
The Fancy Manse Elphin Road Studio Appartment
$42 kull lejl