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Dar ġewwa Wayanad
Glass house atop a 6 acre private mountain!
“The Earthic” as we call it, this unique one bedroom glasshouse with balcony in a private 6 acre mountain! Get ready to wake up above the clouds, catch the perfect sunrise, trek up the hills to get a glimpse of a breathtaking panorama, watch the sky get painted a different hue each passing hour. During monsoon, you’ll get the added benefit to dive into our natural pool, cool enough to chill your bones and energise you. We also have a wonderful chef who cooks the most delicious meals!
$94 kull lejl
Treehouse ġewwa Padinjarathara, Wayanad
RiverTree- AC Riverside Plantation Treehouse
Welcome to our simplest way of living concept along with nature and farmer!! A perfect hideaway spot for nature lovers on the branches of a tree with a few foot away natural river pool. Coffee-pepper plantation around the treehouse garnishes with ultimate privacy in green lush. More than 10 beautiful tourism destinations within half an hour driving range. Transportation facilities available till location and safe parking.
$69 kull lejl
Villa ġewwa Pozhuthana
Zostel Homes Wayanad (Vythiri) | Entire Villa
Zostel Home Vythiri, Wayanad is a luxe villa nestled in 1000 acres of a private estate, with plush private rooms, natural bathrooms, and exclusive access to nearby waterfalls, hiking trails, and more. This villa is bookable only on a full-house basis and is suitable for a group of 4 to 6 adults and 3 children, up to a maximum of 8 adults and 3 children, however, 2 adults will be accommodated by adding 2 extra beds.
$189 kull lejl

Oqgħod qrib l-aqwa affarijiet x'tara ġewwa Wayanad

Ritratt ta' Banasura Sagar Dam
Banasura Sagar Dam33 persuna tal-post jissuġġeruh
Ritratt ta' Edakkal Caves
Edakkal Caves49 persuna tal-post jissuġġeruh
Ritratt ta' Lakkidi View Point
Lakkidi View Point16-il persuna tal-post jissuġġeruh
Ritratt ta' Kabini River
Kabini River4 persuni tal-post jissuġġeruh
Ritratt ta' Wilton Hotel & Restaurant
Wilton Hotel & Restaurant6 persuni tal-post jissuġġeruh
Ritratt ta' Kuruvadweep
Kuruvadweep34 persuna tal-post jissuġġeruh

Kirjiet għall-vaganzi oħrajn mill-isbaħ ġewwa Wayanad

Dar ġewwa Padinjarathara
Nammal - a friendship nest
$177 kull lejl
Villa ġewwa Vythiri
Vythiri Adora
$78 kull lejl
Agrituriżmu ġewwa Kottappadi part
Nature's Lap 2 BR Villa with Natural waterfalls
$33 kull lejl
Villa ġewwa Vythiri
White Fort Holiday Home.
$52 kull lejl
Agrituriżmu ġewwa Sughandhagiry
Farm stay at Wildrootstay a unique A Frame
$146 kull lejl
Villa ġewwa Vythiri
Heavenly mist
$86 kull lejl
Kamra privata ġewwa Andoor
Unique nature property - private room and washroom
$38 kull lejl
Villa ġewwa Vythiri
Tea Break Holiday Home (Villa 2)
$92 kull lejl
Agrituriżmu ġewwa Pozhuthana
Wildrootstay Aster Chalet
$117 kull lejl
Kamra f'lukanda ġewwa Wayanad
Chateau Woods - Cliff Cottage With Valley View
$97 kull lejl
Unità tal-kiri ġewwa Appapara
Rustic Charm Wayanad - The Stump (Treetop Suite)
$40 kull lejl
Agrituriżmu ġewwa Korome
Griha Sankalpa, a farmstay
$49 kull lejl
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