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Chalet ġewwa Ylitornio
Relaxed and peaceful cottage with excellent view.
I love my cottage, because the place is so beautiful and calm. There you can be near nature and see so many relaxing things in forest. You can relax in cottage by hiking, rowing, finish sauna or just spend time with your friends. Cottage is located about 70 km from Rovaniemi, near beautiful lake Vietonen. You can rent a car in airport or in town. Cottage is is very good place travel for 4 persons family, couples and alone.The cottage is located at the top of a hill from where you can see the
$145 kull lejl
Kabina ġewwa Ylitornio
Peaceful cottage in the middle of nature
Experience the authentic Finnish nature. See Aurora Borealis straight from the yard! Cottage located 50km from Rovaniemi in the middle of the forest close to the beautiful lake Raanujärvi. At the evening, relax in the Finnish sauna. You could also bathe in the outside HotTub or spend evening in traditional wooden sauna in the separate building. Grill in the outside fireplace. Near to the cottage located the reindeer farm and there are possibility for snowmobile safaris and other excursions.
$75 kull lejl
Chalet ġewwa Ylitornio
Modern Holiday House in Lapland
A brand new wooden holiday house situated in small village 60km from Rovaniemi and 40km from the Swedish border. There is a big lake close to the cottage, forest and cross country skiing & hiking possibilities. The house is well equipped and modern. This is a good holiday house for families with children. There are two bedrooms, living room with a balcony for sleeping and kitchen, bathroom and sauna. You will see reindeer sometimes close to the house.
$86 kull lejl

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Dar ġewwa Ylitornio
$64 kull lejl
Unità tal-kiri ġewwa Ylitornio
Majoitu rennosti Aavasaksalla
$86 kull lejl
Unità tal-kiri ġewwa Ylitornio
$70 kull lejl
Dar ġewwa Ylitornio
Private rooms in a big farmhouse by the lake
$48 kull lejl
Kabina ġewwa Ylitornio
Tunnelmallinen omakotitalo luonnon helmassa
$150 kull lejl
Kamra privata ġewwa Ylitornio
Torri għoli, paċifika, akkomodazzjoni komda 6 persuni
$59 kull lejl
Kamra privata ġewwa Ylitornio
Welcome home!
$66 kull lejl
Dar ġewwa Ylitornio
Omakotitalo torniojokilaaksossa
$139 kull lejl
Kamra privata ġewwa Ylitornio
Mukava porotilan vinttikamari
$32 kull lejl
Villeġġjatura ġewwa Ylitornio
Tilava omakotitalo lomailuun
$62 kull lejl
Cottage ġewwa Ylitornio
Villa Juusola, Kauliranta
$118 kull lejl
Kabina ġewwa Pello
Hideaway cabin Miekojärvi lake
$91 kull lejl

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