Ruínas de Conímbriga

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Maria Antónia
Maria Antónia
April 26, 2018
Ruínas romanas com azulejos pequenos
January 22, 2020
Fantastic Roman town, just 10 mins drive away
October 25, 2018
The most incredibly well preserved Roman mosaics - well worth a visit!
June 17, 2018
Conimbriga, biggest Roman city in Portugal
January 19, 2019
This archaeological Roman site has amazingly well preserved mosaic floors, and town layout . Well worth a visit ! There is also a museum for those rainy days.
April 15, 2018
One of the best roman settlement excavations in Portugal.
April 6, 2018
Ancient Roman Archeological site with stunning mosaics, museum and restaurant
September 20, 2019
Set in the lush countryside southwest of Coimbra, this is Portugal’s largest and most impressive Roman site. Ancient Conímbriga was an important city in the Roman province of Lusitania and its ruins are extensive and wonderfully well preserved. Highlights include villas paved with elaborate floor…

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“Count Raczinski wrote about this library in "Les Arts au Portugal" in the following terms: «it is the most beautiful, most richly decorated library that I have ever seen». In fact, the beautiful and noble interior of this sumptuous space, built between 1717 and 1728, clearly expresses the generous spirit of its founding patron. Visitors are welcomed by the king's coat of arms above the great portico at the entrance. Here, students and researchers may consult more than 300 thousand volumes dating from the 16th to the late 18th century, kept in the archives that cover three floors of the building.”
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“One of the oldest universities in the world and the oldest in all of Portugal. 16th century campus classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site.”
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“Second most important national museum. Do a complete tour and go to the cafeteria and enjoy the views over the city. ”
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Point of Interest
“A walk, cycle or short 5 min drive takes you to the historic centre of the town of Góis and the Peneda/ Pego Escuro river beach (3km). This famous river beach has an extensive grassed area, sandy island in the middle of the river, and is surrounded by an imposing landscape with majestic mountains. There is a river bar, which serves simple snacks and a boardwalk that takes you along the river past multiple swimming spots to the Moinho Bar.”
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“Back when Coimbra was a frontier between Christianity and Islam, King Afonso Henriques established this Romanesque cathedral. It was built not long after his victory over the Moors at the Battle of Ourique in 1139, and unlike other churches of its day has kept a lot of its Romanesque character. You’ll know that you’re at a boundary between worlds when you approach the austere facade, which is capped with crenellations and has only slender openings in its wall. Inside, the primitive barrel vault hints at the great age of the cathedral, and the column capitals have wonderful foliate, geometric and bestial designs. Lovers of medieval art will have 380 of these masterful capitals to inspect! (450 meters from this accommodation)”
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7 R. das Ruínas
Condeixa-a-Velha, Coimbra 3150