Is-suġġerimenti se jintwerew wara li tibda tikteb fil-kaxxa tat-tiftix. Uża l-buttuni tal-vleġġa 'l fuq u tal-vleġġa 'l isfel biex tiċċekkja. Uża l-buttuna enter biex tagħżel. Jekk l-għażla tiegħek tkun frażi, dik il-frażi se tiġi mfittxija. Jekk is-suġġeriment ikun link, il-brawżer se jiftaħ dik il-paġna.
Regoli legali

Kif ġie affetwat il-hosting fuq Airbnb bil-bidliet fl-Att dwar il-Lukandi u l-Inns Ġappuniżi?

Under an amendment to the Japanese Hotels and Inns Act that went into effect on June 15, 2018, Airbnb hosts are required to register their listing and display a license number on their listing page. Any host without a license number was required by the Japanese government to cancel upcoming reservations that were booked before that date. Unregistered listings have been removed from Airbnb, but can be added back as they’re registered.

If your listing was deactivated

All hosts are required to display a notification number, or other legal details like a hotel business license, on their listing page. Listings without this info have been deactivated so that guests can’t book new reservations. We’ve sent an email to all hosts who have an unregistered listing, including inactive listings. Please confirm that all of your listings, including inactive ones, have a valid registration or legal exemption, such as a hotel business license. If you have unregistered inactive listings that you don’t plan to activate, please disregard the email.

To reactivate a listing, add your notification number and all other required information. This will allow you to relist through the host dashboard.

Temporary notification numbers

Please note that you won’t be able to add a temporary number. Notification numbers under the Private Lodging Business Act start with the letter M, followed by 9 numerical digits. If you have any questions about the status of your notification, we recommend you reach out to your local office to follow up. Once you have a notification number, please add the notification number to your listing page at your earliest convenience.

Special Economic Zone numbers

You can add the relevant information for the Hotels and Inns Business Act or Special Economic Zoning Act by going to and entering your listing ID in that link where the “XXXXX” appears.

Note: If you add a false notification number or other required information, you might be allegedly in violation of Hotel Business Act. Under the Private Lodging Business Act, hosts must enter and provide their accurate notification number.

Reservations made before June 15, 2018

We’re working to best support both hosts and guest for canceled reservations made before June 15, 2018. We will be communicating with you about it as soon as we can.

In the meantime, we strongly encourage you to apply for a notification number and add it to your listing details page as soon as possible. This also applies to hosts who use a listing management tool or CMS.

You’ll be able to accept reservations again immediately after you enter the number on your listing page. If you can’t get your license number, we will automatically cancel the reservation 10 days before your guest’s trip date. If your reservation is not automatically canceled, guests have the option to cancel.

Weekly/monthly listings

For the time being, you won’t be able to select Event Minpaku or Others for weekly/monthly listings. You are therefore unable to list your listing in Japan other than under the Private Lodging Business Act or Hotel Business Act. If you added legal details related to removed categories into existing categories, your listing might be subject to a penalty with its inaccurate entry, which does not satisfy Airbnb’s standards, whether it complies with the law or not. Please bear with us until we provide further information.

Hosting for 180 days

Under the law, hosts are required to report reservation details such as the number of days that guests have been hosted at the listing. We encourage you to use the Japan Tourism Agency’s online tool to manage your reservation details. You can also use this tool to submit the periodic report of your hosting details, which is required by the law. Also, government and local municipalities will be able to check whether you hosted for more than 180 days. One day of hosting can’t exceed 24 hours.

Collecting and reporting hosting info

Airbnb is required to share information with the Japan Tourism Agency (JTA), such as the name of the host, address of the listing, notification number, and the number of nights booked at each listing updated on a daily basis. The JTA and local municipalities will review the data to verify listings and whether the host exceeded the 180-day cap.

Collecting guest info

Due to our customer privacy protection policies, we can’t provide you with guests’ government-issued IDs or other personal info. We encourage you to explain to guests that you are obligated by law to check their ID upon arrival and keep your guest record.

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