Is-suġġerimenti se jintwerew wara li tibda tikteb fil-kaxxa tat-tiftix. Uża l-buttuni tal-vleġġa 'l fuq u tal-vleġġa 'l isfel biex tiċċekkja. Uża l-buttuna enter biex tagħżel. Jekk l-għażla tiegħek tkun frażi, dik il-frażi se tiġi mfittxija. Jekk is-suġġeriment ikun link, il-brawżer se jiftaħ dik il-paġna.

Kif tikkonferma l-indirizz tal-listing tiegħek

Listing your place for the first time? You might be required to confirm your listing’s address. There are two ways to do so—we’ll let you know which method applies to you when we ask you to confirm. 

Method 1: Documentation

You’ll take a photo of a qualifying document or upload one you have on file. The image must include the entire page—a partial page won’t do. A qualifying document is one that:

  • Officially connects you to the listing address, such as a utility bill, mortgage statement, lease agreement, property tax document, or HOA membership
  • Clearly displays the full, correct listing address
  • Hasn’t been altered in any way
  • Is less than 2 years old
  • Is a .png, .jpg, .jpeg, or .pdf file that’s less than 3MB

We’ll review the document and let you know whether we can confirm the address in 1–2 days, typically. If not, you can try again up to 5 times.

Method 2: Security code

We’ll mail you a letter containing a unique security code that you’ll need to enter online at the provided URL within 60 days. After that, you’ll find out if you’re confirmed within minutes.

To qualify for this method:

  • Your listing must accept mail from an official postal service, not just a package carrier
  • You must be able to pick up the mail within 60 days

This letter can only be sent to the listing address and usually arrives within 2 weeks—if you haven’t received the letter by then, you can request another one.

Note: You must be logged in to enter the code. If you’re unable to pick up your mail, a property manager or another authorized person may do so for you and provide you with URL and code on the letter. We strongly discourage sharing your password.


If you have any issues with the code, check that you’ve entered it correctly and that your letter is fewer than 60 days old. Do you have multiple listings that need confirmation? Check that you’re entering the right code for the right listing. (The name is at the top of your letter.)

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