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Kif tibdel booking imħallas bi Klarna

With a Klarna payment plan, you can still cancel or make reservation changes—like changing the arrival and departure dates, or adding extra guests. Refunds are issued from Airbnb to Klarna and from Klarna to guests.

Learn more about Paying with Klarna.

Note: Klarna payment plans are available to the majority of residents of the USA and Canada — and are being introduced in a range of countries throughout 2023.

Changing a reservation

To change a confirmed reservation, you first need to submit a change request to your Host. If there's a difference in cost for the reservation, you'll see the original total and the new total before you submit your request.

If the Host accepts the request, the change is processed.

Cost difference after a change request

If the trip costs less after a change request, Airbnb will send the refund to Klarna for the difference. If the reservation change costs more than the original cost, you can use an existing payment method in your Airbnb account to cover the difference.

Canceling a reservation

Depending on the cancellation policy for your trip, if you have a Klarna payment plan and cancel a reservation for a stay within the cancellation window for that particular trip, your Klarna payment plan will be canceled. A refund will be issued to Klarna. Klarna will then refund you, based on the balance of your payment plan.

Note: The amount you are refunded by Klarna may differ to the amount refunded by Airbnb to Klarna. Interest paid under Klarna payment plans is not refunded by Klarna.

Cancellation policies

It's very important that you review the cancellation policy for your trip, as well as the payment terms for any Klarna payment plan. The most common cancellation policies for trips are Flexible, Moderate, Firm and Strict.

You can find cancellation details on the listing page in your Airbnb account and during the booking process before you pay.

Cancellation example 1

Julia has booked a trip to Hawaii later in the year using Pay in 4 payments with Klarna. The total cost of the reservation is $800. This means that Julia makes an initial payment of $200. ($800/4 = $200)  

Unfortunately, Julia has to cancel her trip to Hawaii. According to the cancellation policy for her trip, for Julia to get a full refund, she must cancel at least 30 days before check-in.

Julia cancels her trip on time and Klarna refunds her the $200 initial payment made under the Klarna payment plan.

Late cancellations

Sometimes it’s just not possible to cancel a trip on time.

If you're unable to cancel a trip with the allotted time for a zero-cost cancellation, you'll have to pay an amount determined by the cost of the reservation and by the Host cancellation policy. This means that you may still need to make additional payments to Klarna. 

Learn more about Paying with Klarna.

Cancellation example 2

Madison has booked a trip to France with Pay in 4 payments with Klarna. The total cost of the trip is $500. This means that Madison makes an initial payment of $125 ($500/4 = $125)  

Madison later realizes that she has to cancel the trip. The trip is in two weeks. To get a full refund for the trip, Madison had to cancel at least 30 days before check-in.

Because this is a late cancellation and the cancellation policy only allows for a refund of 50% of the trip cost, Airbnb will refund Klarna $250 and Madison has to make a further payment of $125 dollars to Klarna before the payment plan ends.

Host cancellations

Every booking made on Airbnb comes with AirCover protection for guests against significant issues, including Host cancellations within 30 days of check-in.

In the unlikely event that a Host needs to cancel your booking, we automatically issue a refund to Klarna for the amount paid. Klarna issues a refund to you based on the balance of your payment plan.

Getting a refund

If you have a Klarna payment plan, refunds are issued from Airbnb to Klarna, and from Klarna to you. These transactions are sequential but separate.

If you have canceled a reservation, or made an alteration to a reservation and are entitled to a refund on your Klarna payment plan, Airbnb first refunds the amount to Klarna.

Checking a refund status

To check the status of a refund from Airbnb to Klarna:

  1. In your Airbnb account, go to Payments & payouts 
  2. Next, click or tap Manage payments 
  3. Select the trip to see the Refund status

For details of refunds issued by Klarna to you, you’ll need to check your Klarna account.

Refund status

Once we have refunded Klarna, we cannot provide any additional information on the Klarna refund status. The only refund information available to Airbnb will be visible in your Airbnb account.

Refund times

Similar to refunds issued by credit card companies such as Visa, it may take up to a week before the amount is refunded to your account by Klarna.

In the case of a significant delay in receiving the amount due from Klarna, you'll need to check the status with Klarna directly. If after 14 days you have not received a refund, contact Klarna Customer Service.

Klarna fees and interest

The refund amount refers to the full or partial cost of your reservation and doesn't include any fees or interest included in a Klarna payment plan. Learn more about payment plan fees and interest on the Klarna website.

Note: Pay in 4 payments with Klarna loans are interest free, but fees may be applied by Klarna for late payments. Interest applied by Klarna for Pay Monthly with Klarna depends on each particular plan.

Late or declined payments

Once a booking is confirmed and you have set up a Klarna payment plan, if you are unable to make a payment to Klarna on time, the late payment may result in fees. Costs incurred by late payment depend on your particular Klarna payment plan.

If you are late with payment to Klarna, this information is not known to Airbnb and has no effect on your Airbnb profile or personal information. All financial agreements with Klarna are strictly between Klarna and you.

Klarna cannot cancel or change reservations in any way and Hosts have no information on any Klarna payment plans that you have chosen to cover the cost of the trip.

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