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    • Strive to help your guests feel safe and trust you as a Host

    • Foster connections between guests

    • Invite your guests to immerse themselves in your Experience

    • Encourage guests to be hands-on and engage in active learning

    Since launching Experiences, we've witnessed our most successful Hosts give their guests a new perspective, sometimes even transforming the way they think or feel. The tips below have been used by successful Hosts to help create exceptional Experiences and cultivate a sense of safety, connection, and even transformation for guests.

    Establish a foundation of trust

    Think back to the last time you took a class, attended an event, or traveled solo. Do you remember feeling a little nervous? It’s natural to feel out of place in a new setting, or when learning a new skill. Engaging wholeheartedly can be difficult when you feel vulnerable. The first tip to leading a successful Experience is ensuring your guests feel safe and trust you as a Host.

    Amelia is the perfect companion for this Experience. She is a skillful guide that explains and demonstrates everything to make sure you are comfortable and having fun.
    John, on his Experience with Amelia, the Host of 'Hollywood by Horseback'
    Making your guests feel seen can help you foster a sense of safety and build trust. Memorize your guests' names and speak to them often throughout the journey. When others know our names, we feel seen. Greet your guests by name and think of every guest as a potential friend.

    Quick Tip: Before your guests arrive, use their profile to memorize their names. When you meet your guests in person, repeat their name back to them so you help seal it into your memory, such as, “Thanks so much for coming all the way from Detroit, Julie. Nice to meet you.”

    Another way to make your guests feel seen is to keep eye contact with them and evenly allocate your attention between them. Sometimes, quiet guests will require more attention to make them feel comfortable and to reinforce that they belong.

    Don’t forget to greet each guest warmly. Welcome your guests with a smile and the greeting customary for your culture, such as a handshake or hug. As you do so, be cognizant of cultural differences around comfort with physical contact and don’t force a greeting on someone if they seem uncomfortable.

    Most importantly, show your guests you are excited to see them and make them feel genuinely welcomed and special. Introduce yourself and establish your credibility early on. A great introduction can build trust with your guests. It should answer the question, “Why is this Host equipped to lead me on this Experience?”

    Explain your backstory, emphasize your passion and specialized skills related to the Experience, and tell them why you decided to host this Experience.

    Encourage exploration and connection

    You’ve made your guests feel welcome and safe; now they are likely ready to engage in the activities you’ve planned. Try to build elements that allow guests to interact and learn together.

    Foster connections between guests. The small group size is one thing that sets Airbnb Experiences apart. Encouraging guests to talk with each other can create a sense of belonging and ensure that all guests feel welcomed and part of the group.

    To lay the groundwork for flowing conversation and connections, consider facilitating an icebreaker at the beginning of the Experience. For example, ask common non-intrusive questions that your guests will be excited to answer. Here are a few examples:

    • Why did you choose this Experience?
    • If you could bring anyone on earth on this Experience who would it be and why?
    • When was the last time you immersed yourself in learning something new?
    • Where’s one place you want to go that you have not been yet?

    An icebreaker like this helps your guests find common ground and identify topics for continued conversation. Open-ended questions encourage discussion, as opposed to ones with a yes or no answer. Pair your guests and urge them to talk to each other about what they are thinking and feeling.

    Create a dialogue, not a monologue. To create an unforgettable, flowing Experience for your guests, design your Experience so that your guests actively participate and immerse themselves in your world. Treat your guests as friends and talk with them instead of at them.

    Support growth and transformation

    A 5-star Experience is one that supports transformation in your guests. This transformation can be a new feeling of comfort in your city, a connection made with another guest (or you!), or a new skill they can take back home. This growth will make your Experience memorable, and memorable Experiences are the ones with the best reviews.

    Instead of merely demonstrating an activity, invite your guests to engage in it. This kind of active learning will make them feel empowered and encourage a deeper connection with your Experience. If you’re teaching a difficult skill, consider breaking down the task into small parts and allow your guest to get hands-on, even in a small way. If you’re giving a tour, try asking your guests for their feedback on stories told or sights seen.

    Your guests may be so immersed in their Experience that they don’t realize how their own perspective has changed. Near the end of your Experience, create a moment that allows your guests to reflect and then share how they feel. Here are some questions you can ask your guests:

    • How do you feel now, versus just before the Experience started?
    • What learning would you share with a friend about this Experience?
    • Did you surprise yourself, or were you surprised by anything else?

    Thoughtful Hosts have been the beating heart of Airbnb since it started over ten years ago. In fact, our founders were our very first Hosts! Since then, we continue to be inspired by the ways Hosts invite guests to share in their passions and communities. They create magical Experiences that bring the Airbnb mission to life by helping anyone belong anywhere.

    Punti ewlenin

    • Strive to help your guests feel safe and trust you as a Host

    • Foster connections between guests

    • Invite your guests to immerse themselves in your Experience

    • Encourage guests to be hands-on and engage in active learning

    29 ta’ Mar 2018
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