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  • Video clips can help make your Experience stand out

  • Promotions are a great way to help attract guests

  • Adding accessibility features can help you connect with more guests

Want to reach more guests and attract more bookings for your Experience? We’ve designed a variety of Host tools—from promotions to private booking links—to help you do just that.

1. Add a special highlights video

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, imagine how much more value a video can add to your in-person Experience! Pick five to 10 of your favorite clips, and upload them using the Video tab in Your Experiences. We’ll edit them into a short video, complete with music, to highlight your Experience.

Learn more about producing a video for your in-person Experience

2. Allow private group bookings

This tool lets you offer your Experience to private parties and groups. If someone wants to book an entire group, they can reserve all of your spots at once. This can be helpful if you want to make your listing available to a greater variety of guests.

Corporate parties and other groups can filter their search results to find Experiences that allow private group bookings—and making your Experience available to these groups means that it will appear in their searches. You can also create a booking specifically for friends, family, or fellow Hosts.

Learn more about private group bookings

3. Adopt a flexible cancellation policy

Airbnb research suggests that guests tend to prefer flexible cancellation policies, as this can reduce planning stress and allow them to book Experiences more spontaneously. We provide Hosts with two different cancellation policies, and opting for the flexible option may make your Experience more appealing to guests.

Update your cancellation policy

4. Offer a pricing promotion for new Experiences

When you create a new Experience, you can list it at a lower price for a limited time. This may encourage more people to book your Experience before you have a lot of reviews.

You can also encourage early guests to write reviews, which can build guests’ confidence in the quality of the Experience and contribute to more bookings. Airbnb research suggests there may be a correlation between Experiences that receive more than 5 reviews in their first 30 days and an increase in bookings within the first 6 months.

Learn from Hosts about developing a pricing strategy

5. Share an invite-only Experience listing

While private bookings allow anyone to reserve your Experience for a group, invite-only listings are hidden from the public. You can use invite-only listings to make specific listings for soft openings, test runs, and other special occasions, which can easily be shared with family and friends using a private link.

As with new Experience promotions, creating an invite-only listing can help you get those crucial first reviews.

Learn more about invite-only Experience listings

6. Test different pricing strategies

With this tool, you can offer the same Experience at different prices. This is a low-risk way to experiment with pricing and encourage more guests to try your Experience.

For example, there might be higher demand for your Experience on weekends, so you could consider listing those spots at higher prices. Likewise, you can consider reduced prices on days or times that have lower demand. Select a few instances to start with and keep track of how guests respond.

Learn more about pricing strategies

7. Offer early-bird pricing promotions

You can create a booking incentive by providing a discount for guests who reserve spots in your Experience more than 2 weeks ahead of time. It’s possible to schedule instances of your Experience months in advance, and if guests book under your pricing promotion, they’ll get a lower price.

Learn more about promotions

8. Host a family-friendly Experience

You can choose to accept guests under the age of 18, as long they have an adult accompanying them. This can help you attract bookings of larger groups or families.

This is especially useful if your Experience is an activity that families can do together, such as a walking tour or a painting class. You can choose a minimum guest age too, in case your Experience is not ideal for babies or toddlers.

Find out whether your Experience is suitable for children

9. Add accessibility tools

Adding accessibility features like an accessible bathroom, assistive technology, and D/deaf-aware elements to your listing can help guests who are seeking Experiences that meet their specific needs. You can enable these features by editing your guest requirements and adding environmental features, communication features, and more.

Our research shows that guests find these features useful—in fact, between July and September 2021, more than 300,000 guests used accessibility filters to narrow their search for places to stay.* By adding these to your listing, you’re helping guests with accessibility needs feel inspired and empowered to book your Experience.

Learn more about accessibility features

*According to internal Airbnb global booking data.

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  • Video clips can help make your Experience stand out

  • Promotions are a great way to help attract guests

  • Adding accessibility features can help you connect with more guests

8 ta’ Ġun 2022
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