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    The essentials: Set up a stellar listing

    The essentials: Set up a stellar listing

    Create your listing, set up your calendar, and name your price.
    Minn Airbnb f'did-data: Aug 27, 2020
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    Aġġornat f'did-data: Aug 27, 2020


    • Make your listing detailed and accurate; add photos and all your amenities

    • Set up your calendar and booking settings to get reservations you’re available to host

    • Give your listing a competitive price and set your payout preferences

    The first step to becoming a successful Airbnb host is to create your listing. You’ll want to grab potential guests’ attention with an alluring title, beautiful photos, and a descriptive and authentic summary of your space.

    Perfect your listing

    Guests will be searching through many listings as they decide where to stay—make yours stand out.

    • Write your title. The first thing guests will see is the title of your listing, so make it stand out by highlighting what guests will love about your space. Think about highlighting something attractive about the location (i.e., “Steps away from the city’s best restaurants” or “Stunning ocean views”) or a special detail about the space itself (“Midcentury home with vintage decor”).
    • Craft your description. Be sure your written description captures anything guests should know about your space that isn't otherwise captured in other places like the amenities list. This is your chance to share why you love your space—and why potential guests might love it, too.
    • Remember to be honest and accurate. An accurate description helps guests decide whether your space is a good fit for their needs. So be sure to mention any details that might be polarizing for guests: for instance, a long staircase they have to climb, any pets, a nightclub downstairs, a shared bathroom, or anything else that could affect their stay. And remember—a detail one guest may not love could be the reason others choose to book your space.
    Host Joy talks about the details she includes in her listing description.

    Use great photos and clear captions

    Quality images are key to making your listing shine. Photos are the first thing prospective guests see when they look for a place to stay, so they can help you attract guests and help them know if your space is a good fit. Pay special attention to the first photo you include—that’s the first thing guests will see in search results. Aim to include three photos of every room from different angles so potential guests can take a virtual tour of your home when they view your photos. Be sure to write captions that provide any noteworthy details.

    • Don’t forget any accessibility features. If your home has accessibility features, be sure to highlight them in your listing details and photographs—accessibility features are something many guests filter for in search.
    • Pay attention to photography. Airbnb offers professional photography in many locations, but with plenty of natural light, you can shoot excellent listing photos on your smartphone, too. Here are some tips to get you started.
    Host Joy shares tips on how to take great photos of your space.

    Set up your calendar and settings

    Be sure to block out any dates in your calendar when you aren’t available to host. You can also use your calendar settings to set minimum and maximum length of stay, block a day or two between bookings (to give you time to clean and prepare for your next guests), avoid same-day requests, and other options. Once your calendar is set up, remember to keep it updated often so potential guests can see your space’s true availability.

    More settings

    A few other settings to check out as you’re getting started are Instant Book, which lets you automatically accept reservations, and House Rules. Guests using Instant Book must review and agree to your House Rules before booking, so it’s a good place to set expectations and boundaries—for instance, a no-smoking policy, or any rooms in your home that are off-limits.

    Hosts Giuliana and Sandor share tips for staying committed to your guests.

    Name your price

    How much you charge for your listing is completely up to you. Here are a few tips:

    • Keep in mind that guests often prioritize price when searching for a space, so consider whether your listing is a good value for the location and amenities you offer.
    • As a new host, you may opt to start with lower-than-average rates until you have a positive review or two.
    • Try out the Smart Pricing feature, which automatically adjusts your price based on demand for listings like yours. Just add a minimum and maximum rate to your Smart Pricing settings to make sure you’re always comfortable with the automatic pricing.

    Should you add fees?
    You may also want to add additional fees like a security deposit and cleaning fee or extra guest fee. Just be sure to take into consideration the total price guests will see after additional fees, taxes, and Airbnb’s service fee are added.

    Host Tim talks about how it's up to you to decide the price of your listing.

    Choose how you want to get paid

    “How do I get paid?” is one of the top questions from new hosts. Here’s how it works on Airbnb: Guests pay through the website, and then you get paid approximately 24 hours after your guests’ scheduled check-in time, via methods you can choose from including direct bank deposit or PayPal.

    Learn how to set your payout preferences

    Host Tim shares what he likes about Airbnb’s payment process.

    Your checklist for a successful listing:

    • Create a descriptive and attractive title
    • Write a detailed and accurate description
    • Use the amenities checklist to indicate all the features of your space
    • Take great photos with natural light
    • Add three photos of each room, and group them per room
    • Order your photos to give a virtual tour of your space
    • Pay special attention to the first one, it’s the first thing guests see in the search results
    • Set up your availability in your calendar
    • Select the right booking settings for you
    • Choose the right price, starting with a competitive one
    • Decide if Smart Pricing is right for you
    • Add extra fees (cleaning, extra guest, security deposit) if that fits your hosting needs
    • Add a payout method


    • Make your listing detailed and accurate; add photos and all your amenities

    • Set up your calendar and booking settings to get reservations you’re available to host

    • Give your listing a competitive price and set your payout preferences

    Aug 27, 2020
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